Easy Halloween Costume Ideas: Roundup

Dorothy Costume

 Easy Halloween Costume Ideas: Roundup 

& the best-dressed Halloween costume goes to...

Over the years, I have accumulated some fun & homemade Halloween costume ideas. Before you run to the big box Halloween store, stroll through my past Halloween posts to gain inspiration for this year's costume. 

Many, if not all of these can be made with items you already own. After all, the exciting part about Spooky Season is that it can only be as exciting as you dream it up to be. So get creating & take heed from these simple Halloween Costume Ideas. 

Dorothy costume
Dorothy, Wizard of Oz Halloween Costume 

Sabrina Spellman Costume
Sabrina Spellman 

Winnie the Pooh Halloween Costume
100 Acre Wood Halloween Character Ideas 

Millennial Wrapper Halloween Costume
Millennial Wrapper Halloween Costume 

pumpkin head halloween costume
Pumpkin Head Halloween Costume 

 Easy Halloween Costume Ideas: Roundup 

1. Dorothy Wizard of Oz: My grandma, Mimi, made me a Dorothy costume when I was little. I think I went as Dorothy at least three years in a row. Of course, again as Dorothy a few years back. You can recreate Dorothy's iconic gingham dress with a summer blue check dress. I fashioned a pair of red J-Crew flats for Ruby Slippers. 

If you have a dog, have them join in as this Halloween costume idea is dog-friendly. 

2. Christopher Robin & Winnie the Pooh: Dressing up as Christopher Robin, Winnie the Pooh's best friend is so easy! Channel your country English school boy with a classic knit jumper, tan shorts, and yellow Wellies. 

3. Sabrina Spellman, The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina: Netflix's The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, is my favorite. The OJ Sabrina the Teenage Witch is iconic too. Grab your old-school cheer outfit & add some spooky touches like a spider ring or witch broom. Bonus points if you can pose with a black cat. I love Salem too! 

4. Eminem, Wrapper: Millenials know how iconic Eminem's music is. I dressed as him for the blog last year, you can pull the entire Halloween costume from your closet. Don't buy a thing! 

5. Fannie Fright: Pumpkin Head Person: Aren't pumpkin head characters so spooky, but chic at the same time? Whether you opt to hallow out an actual pumpkin or pick up a cool pumpkin mask, style it with simple street clothes for a spooky-casual haunt. 

There, so simple are these five do-it-yourself Halloween costumes. Let me know what you decide to dress as on Instagram @katelynchef. Boo till next time. 👻

Wizard of Oz Group Halloween Costume
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