Favorite Fall Hats

Straw Cowgirl hat

Favorite Fall Hats 🍂

In this post, sharing a few fashionable & beautiful seasonal hat stables. 

One for all & hats are for fall. When it comes to hats, I love a baseball/dad hat { who doesn't}. However, sometimes, you want to dress it up & there are a variety of hat brands that make hats great for all seasons but really have a strong aesthetic come autumn. 

When the hats aren't on my head, they are used for decoration. In fact, many of my WYETH hats & Sandiego Hat Company hats are used as decoration, placed on a glass top table, or hung in a 'hat gallery' on a wall.  

So, what are my favorite hat brands for fall?

Fall Hats for Women

Cream Women's WYETH Hat

WYETH white Cowboy hat
White WYETH White Cowboy Hat 


WYETH hats have that coveted laid-back California-inspired vibe to them. I have two Australian wool-felt hats { one like a creamy beige & the other white}. They're beautiful & effortlessly stylish. 

Rattan Sandiego Hat Company Cowboy Hat
Rattan Sandiego Hat Company Cowboy Hat

Rattan Sandiego Hat Company Cowboy Hat

Sandiego Hat Company 

I have a few Sandiego Hat Company hats, two of their straw/woven hats hang on a wall. The third is a crochet white sunhat which is great for travel. Again, Sandiego Hat Company's hats are effortless & can be dressed up or dressed down.  

Coal Headwear

I am not sure if Coal Headware makes straw hats all the time, but I have one large {she's big} wide-brim Coal Headware hat that hangs on my wall & also makes for a great vacation hat. I posted about it here, a few years back. 

All in all, I think hats are a good investment, not only for leveling up your wardrobe but adding personality to your home. 

Often, I keep the hat's packing/shipping insert to store underneath the hat when I am not wearing it, so it keeps its shape. For hats that I leave out, light dusting with a soft duster or vacuuming softly every so often. 

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WYETH Felt Hat
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Rattan Sandiego Hat Company Cowboy Hat