An Aesthetically Pleasing Look at Cibola Vista Resort & Spa

An Aesthetically Pleasing Look at Cibola Vista Resort & Spa 

Under the hot Arizona sky lies a resort & spa known as Cibola Vista located in Peoria, Arizona.
Arriving early spring, it was clear that the season was in full-bloom as flower walls hugged the pool fence of Cibola Vista. Cacti stood prickly & strong as well as other desert flowers clung to archways & wrapped themselves around surrounding trees.

Bluegreen Vacations invited me to experience the resort as part of a press wellness trip.

Here is an aesthetically pleasing photo gallery of my wellness trip & the quiet beauty of the Arizona landscape.

Next month, I hope to create a post that goes into detail about why wellness trips are so popular & why you should book yourself a wellness vacation.  See you in the desert, babe. 🌵

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  1. This place looks like magic! So fun following along on your vacation too!


  2. I never knew Arizona was so beautiful! Those blooms are so, so pretty + I'd hang by that pool all day long!
    - meg |