Wishlist Approved: Gifts for Grads

Wishlist Approved: Gifts for Grads 

It's Graduation season--whether you know someone graduating from high school or college this time in anyone's life is a milestone worth commemorating.

I can recall both times I graduated & the feeling that came along. Mostly, those feelings were relief & pride, but a mix of nerves & the unknown were also mingling inside.

After graduation occurs, it's party time & present time! In other words, the best time. I have five graduation gifts that I think are practical & worthy to give any graduate in your life!

1. Amazon | 2. William-Sonoma | 3. Netflix/Hulu | 4. Walmart  | 5. Target |

1. Amazon Nixplay Iris 8 inch Digital Wifi Photo Frame/Peach-Copper {Amazon} 

This digital photo frame is the best & my top pick for graduates. Whether the grad wants to display all of their Greek Life photos on the IPS Display motion sensor frame or their upcoming world travel photos--this is the frame. My big take away, unlike most digital photos frames, you can instantly {using Wifi} upload your photos to the frame & share with friends via the Nixplay mobile app.

2. Nespresso Pixie Espresso Machine {Williams-Sonomma}

The Nespresso Pixie is perfect for dorm rooms as well as first-time apartments. Grads will need plenty of espressos crafted beverages to #adult in the real world. Plus, think of all of the Starbucks money you'll save.
Pro-tip, Target sells their own version of the Nespresso pods so you don't technically have to order the Nespresso online.

3. Chill Time {Netflix & Hulu Gift Cards} 

Why not pay for the hard-working grad's Netflix and or Hulu account for the year? After a long day of class or your first full-time job, having a show to stream in the evening can get you through the toughest of days.

4. Mainstays 8'' Table Fan/Mint {Walmart} 

I have a pink metal/retro frame & I love it! I feel that these small but powerful fans are great for dorm rooms as well as lofts & townhouses. Plus, the color varieties are the cutest!

5. Tile Mate (2018) White {Target} 

I think these Tile smart Bluetooth trackers are great for travel & life in general. I love the idea of clipping a Tile to your luggage, but also to your key ring & whatever else may get misplaced.

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NixPlay Iris {c/o}

Nespresso Pixie

"Even as we dream,
we begin to succeed...
even as we succeed, 
we begin to dream again."--No Limits But the Sky, Hallmark 

Congrats to the 2019 graduates--well deserved!


  1. Oh these are all great ideas!! Only I would go for reusable pods b/c of the environment.

    Allie of

    1. That's so smart--I am not sure if they have those for the espresso yet!--Katelyn xx

  2. That Nixplay is sooooooo cool. Technology amazes me... and the ideas that people come up with to use it! Are you attending any grad parties this year?
    - meg | livingasunnylife.com

  3. This post is perfect, as I just found out today I need to grab a gift for someone next week!! Love these ideas -XO