DIY No Sew Fleece Pet Balls

Fleece Dog Toys

 DIY No Sew Fleece Pet Balls 

If you have ever made a fleece tie blanket, you know that the corners that you cut off the fleece, prior to tieing the blanket, are leftover scraps. 

After making a bundle of no-sew fleece blankets, I was lefts with a bunch of fleece fabric corners. What to do with these? 

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DIY No Sew Fleece Pet Balls 

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How to make no-sew fleece dog ball 

DIY No Sew Fleece Pet Balls 

After some Googling, I found a way to make the leftover fleece scraps into a no-sew fleece plush toy for cats & dogs. Mind you, these plush DIY fabric balls are for light to moderate chewers. I made these no-sew fleece balls for a cat & some Yorkie dogs, two of which are my own

To make these fleece balls, they're soft-of like a dog snuffle ball, you'll need a few things. 


  • Fleece fabric, cut into strips.
  • Sharp fabric scissors.
  • Strong twine or fishing line.


To make your fleece no-sew plush toys for dogs & cats, you'll take your fleece fabric scraps & cut them into strips. After all of your strips are cut, pile them & strongly tie the fishing line or twine right in the middle. Make sure it's tight & tightly knotted. Cut the end of the twine short of it can't be chewed. 

The more layers of fleece strips you add, the plusher your fleece ball will be. After the fabric is tied, it is time to twist & pull the strips into a ball formation. There isn't a right or wrong way to do this. With a little pulling & twisting, the strips will start to take the shape of a ball. 

DIY Dog Toys
Finley & His Fleece Ball 

Yorkie male puppy

Give your pets the toys & watch as they play & love it.  

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DIY Dog Toys
DIY Dog Toys 

Yorkie Pup