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Spot Inspired Decor: Dalmatian Print

January 29, 2016

Even before main stream design sites, brands, & retailers took to the chic black & white spotted home furnishings & prints theme, I have always loved the dalmatian print.

Basically, I love dalmatians in general, but until the day comes when I can own my very own dalmatian--decorating with a touch of {faux} spotted print{s} will have to do.

& So, with out further ado--here are a few of my very own dalmatian inspired home furnishing picks. Both the dalmatian knick-knack & printed pillows came from my local Hobby Lobby.

What I truly love about the black & white spotted trend is that while it looks incredibly trendy, chic, & high end--it's also a classic/ timeless touch to add to any room for a little personal flare. Oui. Oui. 

Fashion Artist: Josefina Fernandez

January 25, 2016

Josefina Fernandez 
On October 4, 2014 aspiring fashion illustrator {now aspired!} Josefina Fernandez opened her colorful, whimsical, & modern take on fashion Etsy Shop. Fernandez's unique eye for style, the female form, and art has since then taken off. While, Fernandez does the typical fashion artist things--custom illustrations & fabulous prints. She also illustrates calendars, turns her art into stickers, luggage tags, chic coffee cups, & other pretty little things. Hint. Hint. Not so typical.

PC:JF Illustrations 
True, fashion & art have become BFs over the years, Fernandez's approach is different. Different in a good way. Her illustrations appear to be cotton candy for the eyes. Her whimsical girls often carry steaming cups of cappuccinos {& Chanel bags!}, have frothy pink hair, & long limbs covered with tulle and chiffon.

Fernandez's creations are the go to staples for dressing up your workspace or the added cheer to a custom stationary tablet.

So, was Fernandez always so artsy? So whimsical & a girl boss? Well, The Yellow Specs was able to interview Fernandez--who left all her colored pencils on the table.

The Yellow Spectacles: You're a Fashion Illustrator...Was this always your profession or something that came later down the road?
Josefina Fernandez:I majored in Apparel Design back in Argentina. The illustration part is self-taught. I had to figure it out in order to be able to express my ideas and designs, both in college and in the jobs I had afterwards in the industry. 
After working for a couple years as a designer, I got frustrated because of the work conditions of the fashion industry in Argentina, and decided to pursue another dream career of mine. 
My soul needed (and still needs!) to travel the world. I then became a flight attendant and was one for 7 and a half years.
In September 2014 I quit my FA job, moved to Miami and opened my Etsy shop. I'm very happy and feel truly blessed to be a full-time fashion illustrator.

PC:JF Illustrations 
TYS: Your design style is so unique. Can you sum it up in a few words?
JF: Thank you! An Instagram follower of mine recently described my work as a "fashionable candy land". 
I love that description!

TYS: What do you love about being a fashion illustrator?
JF:I love experimenting with different illustration techniques, and also to have to be up-to-date with the fashion trends as a part of my job description.

Josefina Fernandez's art os "Fashionable Candy-Land." 

TYS:Obviously, it isn't all glamour. What are some business challenges you had to overcome?
JFIt is. I didn't have a clue of what I was signing for when I first opened my Etsy shop. Being an entrepreneur (and being new in a country) implies a LOT of figuring things out. 
I like to free my creative process from limitations as much as I can. I wanted my illustrations to be able to be blown up to larger-than-life proportions. That's why I decided to teach myself to turn my illustrations into vectors. It was pretty challenging, and involved a lot of figuring out, but I made it. One of my girls is now on a Fashion boutique in California. And I won't stop until my girls are roaming the streets of Manhattan in the M buses. ;)

TYS:How do you think social media & your Etsy shop have helped your career thus far?
JF: Social media has been an amazing platform to showcase my work on. I have been contacted by a lot of big brands and companies through them, specially through Instagram. 
Etsy is the bomb! I love the limitless feeling of being able to reach people all over the world with my art. I have shipped my artwork to every continent except Antarctica. Yay!

TYS: Who are your muses when your sketch?
JF:Oh I have quite a few. But I would say Fernanda Ly ( Warukatta), is my ultimate muse. Japanese culture and Japanese people influence my work a lot. Pop culture. Colors. Traveling inspires me. 

TYS: Where would you like to take your girls next?
JF:I am starting to work on book covers, and I like that a lot. I would love to continue down the editorial path. I also want to teach illustration and design again. (I did so shortly after graduating from college).

PC:JF Illustrations 
TYS: If you had to sketch a "Yellow Spectacles" girl she would look like...
JF:Yes! I picture her a lot like my "Ella Mode" illustration. Blond hair in a top bun, yellow (almost golden) glasses, and a very pale baby-blue (faux) fur coat.

TYS: Do you have any modern day 'it girls' or bloggers that currently inspire you? If so, whom?
JF:YES! my favorite fashion bloggers are Blair from Atlantic-Pacific, and Jenny (Margo and me). I recently discovered "Up close and stylish" and I'm in love with every one of her looks. 
I look at their Instagrams and blogs for inspiration all the time, and they happen to like the illustrations I make of them. Prada and MiuMiu, by Miuccia Prada,  Red Valentino, and Chanel are my favorite brands to draw inspiration from.

Jf Illustrations has a glowing 175 reviews on her Etsy page as well as a slew of Instagram followers who adore her every post. The New Year is just beginning, but Fernandez's talent will last for decades to come.  

A Thermal Kinda Day

January 22, 2016

Whether you prefer to spend your lazy days doing pilates or indulging in various pies & lattes there isn't a question about not wearing thermals. After all, it's winter, it's cold, & thermals are having a moment.

 No longer is it okay for thermals to be hidden under your ski clothes. Nope! Retailers like Target & All For Color have plenty of cute thermal outfits & onesies. It is now acceptable to sport your comfy & cute thermals around the house--you can even get away with wearing thermal bottoms out in public if you style it with the appropriate longer sweater/jacket.

My pancake, bacon, & waffle colorful thermals that I had purchased back in December, came from Target & I have to confess, I get hungry for breakfast every time I wear them--which at one in the morning can cause serious issues! A champagne kinda problem--no real complaints!

So, do you agree? Is today a thermal wearing kinda day? Cute winter thermal picks are listed below!  

Pretty Little Thing...

January 20, 2016

Pretty Lil Thing {Macaroons Via Dec/Jan issue of Martha Stewart Living Magazine}

Got a secret? I can't keep it...Seriously, I am pretty excited about the return of Pretty Little Liars.

Are you? After all, the suspense isn't killing me {I know who A really is} sigh, but the anticipation to see the girl's five year flash forward makeovers is! Spencer's bangs, Aria's bob, Hanna's make-under & Emily's new BOHO chic vibe--all worth tuning into to see.

Which all the secrets, lies, & gossip will start reappearing this New Year {1-12-2016}.

So, whether you are on The A Team or apart of the Aria, Hannah, Spencer, & Emily Girl Squad you probably appreciate pretty little things...don't you?

PLL Season 6B

Inspired the the return of the modern day Murder She Wrote  young adult phenomenon, Pretty Little Liars: The Yellow Specs has gathered a list of pretty little accessories & such just for the special occasion.

Like it? Click the links below to see where to score the goods--A isn't the only B that knows how to spill the beans.

Better hurry up to lock it your pocket...

Welcome Kate Spade New York Home

January 18, 2016

" Buy what you love & you'll never go wrong" Kate Spade, Home Collection.

So, I am not huge on New Year's Resolutions, but I am big on changing {even if it's a tad} up my home decor situation. Whether this notion consists of a new pillow, different lamp, or even a new throw & or framed print. A little home re-freshening with the start of a fresh year can make a big difference.

Luckily, Kate Spade New York {in addition to making sweet handbags & sparkly shoes} has dabbled their toes in the home decor, kitchenware, home furnishing, & furniture pool.

Taken at The Upper East Side, NYC Kate Spade Store 
To suggest that Kate Spade's new home collection is fit for a modern day {functioning} doll house would be an understatement. Kate Spade keeps their classic whimsical touches with pop of pink { loving the Azalea Drake Slipper Chair} & pairs it with a dash of sophistication {have you met the Spotted Downing Desk?}. One word sums the whole collection up. Gorgeous.

Soooo gorgeous in fact, I have composed a list of my favorite Kate Spade Home Collection pieces. If you are lucky enough to live by a Kate Spade store they have post cards featuring a few of their new furniture pieces. What did I do with those free cards? Framed them in a basic white frame of course!

Happy Decorating dolls! Xo.

Get Your Duck Boots Ready

January 15, 2016

Duck Boots & Warm Socks
I am not too sure about you, but where I am from sandals are not apart of my winter attire.
No, it's more like boots, socks, fleece pants, & long woolen sleeves.

Sigh, while I prefer the whole snorts, flip flops, & sunglass thing it just doesn't always turnout like that during the months of January & Feburary.

While I will always be a summer shoe type of gal, the preppy duck boot & cute woolen leg warmers  are my cold wet weather go-to. How about you?

Below, you'll find my cold weather footwear picks.

Slip into Cozy: Warm Winter Slippers

January 13, 2016

Baby it's cold outside. Bundle your ears & bundle your buns, but don't forget about for feet.

Whether you are lounging around the house or staying in bed, winter weather calls for warm, cozy, & cute slippers.

While my little sheep slippers count for something darling for my feet there are others slippers I find to be just as comfy --not to mention adorable.

Shop, click, frolic below & see for yourself.

Through Their Specs: Ariel & Adler

January 11, 2016

A look through her specs...
Hello, here is a little New Year, new blogger, new blog inspiration for everyone reading this. Typically, The Yellow Spectacles does features on other creative blogs & bloggers alike. In the past, The College Prepster & North Left Coast {among many others} have been featured here.

Therefore, to start 2016 off right, let me introduce {although there really isn't a need for an intro} the blog Ariel & Adler, formally known as the PDX Prepster & its blogger, Natalie.

Natalie is a larger than life personality when it comes to her blog, style, & content.  Of course, you can guess that her blog is dedicated to all things Disney related & comes with an extra dose of sparkle & shine. Rather in Disney terms, Pixie Dust.

Hey, if you've never been to Ariel & Adler or read the PDX Prepster prior it's okay--because to quote Rapunzel, "BEST DAY EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

The Disney Damsel Herself
The Yellow Spectacles: What made you want to start your blog?
Natalie:I started blogging in 2013 as a creative outlet during my first year at college. Unexpectedly, I found it really fun and started connecting with other people with similar interests and backgrounds. In 2014 I turned it into my job.

TYS: In your opinion, the most important key to blogging is...?
N:Successful blogging is extremely relative and I think its ultimately important to be yourself. As long as you love what you’re doing, you are already successful. In terms of monetizing your blog, creating social media channels helps with exposure and outreach.

TYS: What inspires you?
N:First off, Disney. I gather a lot of inspiration from Disney films, songs, and media! Im a lifelong fan of the mouse and Disney definitely inspires my day to day. There are some changes coming to the blog soon to reflect this!
[Since the blog has changed from PDX Prepster to Ariel & Adler]
Other things that influence my days are bright accessories, the natural world, color, most of Lady Gagas music, and coffee. My day is made or lost in how much coffee I've consumed that morning. 

TYS:One blog you love reading is called....
N:I love to read PS I Made This. Im a DIY’er at heart and some of her projects are so fun!

TYS: Thanks so much Natalie!

Love Thy Selfie This New Year!

January 8, 2016

BaubleBar & Target
A New Year...a New You? Well, I am not 100% sold on the New Year's Resolutions that get made with the intention{s} of maybe {probably} not keeping them most of the time.

Here's an idea..instead of making a list of things you'd like to change about yourself & your life..why not make a list of the things you love about yourself & your daily existence?

Love Yo Selfie

While you have the right idea of cutting back on the sugar & salt why not proclaim to use more confetti in your daily life or dress up your cell phone just because you can?

Keeping with the love your self{ie} theme, have you experienced the Target & BaubleBar tech collection?

Sparkly Cases 

They have arm loads of fun, fresh, & sparkly tech gadgets--like phone cases, headphones, & the cutest gold polka-dot selfie stick!

 I rarely take selfies, this cute stick comes in handy for blog-able moments. Plus, it says, "Love Your Selfie" right on the handle!

Love Your Selfie 

So, I am taking Target's & Baublebar's advice as I continue to ring in 2016 loving my selfie & snapping a few pics along the way.

Happy New Year! & Shop the affordable Target & BaubleBar Collection Below! Whoo!

Paper By Parcel

January 6, 2016

Paper by Parcel 
I love nothing more than pretty packaging, lovely lettering, & stylish stationary. So, you'd imagine my reaction when my pink & gold Paper by Parcel January survival box came in the mail this earlier month.

Who is...what is Paper by Parcel? Well, it's a monthly subscription box that arrives {yeah, monthly} in the mail. Inside the box o fun is charming stationary, little gifts crafted by artisans, & other small items to pamper yo-self.

Read the Paper by Parcel BLOG!

 After receiving my beautiful box full of January survival goodness, I can rest easy that I will start 2016 off right.

 Inside the box of pretty Paper by Parcel things were...

  • Rifle Paper Co. Great Things Note Pad
  • 'Don't Quite Your Daydream' Pencils {2}
  • Chambre de Sucre Abbot Kinney Tea
  • Buckler's Chapped Skin Remedy 1ox Jar
Paper by Parcel is all about customer experience, interacting with one an other, as well as staying social. You can enjoy a one time special delivery for $20.00, a 3 month delivery for $60.00, a 6 month delivery for $120.00  or one full year {a box every month!!}for $220.00.

Really, this party at your doorstep is an ideal gift for yourself, but how perfect is it to spoil a friend too?

Neat huh!? The Yellow Specs was able to chat with a paper connoisseur over at PBP, Madison to see what makes them tick.

The Yellow Spectacles: For those who are unfamiliar with Paper by Parcel the company is...?
Madison:Paper By Parcel is a stationery and lifestyle based subscription box and gifting site. We’re all about finding the prettiest paper goods and gift items and curating them into themed boxes that get delivered right to your door. We offer a $20 monthly subscription box of pretty surprises, and we also have single purchase gift sets for special occasions like bridal, birthday, new mom, etc. 

TYS: What does Paper by Parcel have planned for 2016?
M:We’re definitely planning on creating more collaborative and custom products for both the subscription box and the gift sets. 

TYS: In your opinion, what is the best part about the start of a New Year?
M:I think that there’s a heightened level of energy and excitement. A new year brings hope and it’s the perfect time to refocus on your goals and let go of any disappointments or regrets.

"{Paper by Parcel} is rooted in the tradition of a hand written note. We are inspired by the meaningful interactions of people..."

TYS: I see that your color schemes are often mint, blush, & gold are you planning on new color schemes for 2016?
M:The color scheme of our brand will stay blush, mint, white and gold, but the color scheme of each month’s subscription box will change to fit the mood of the time of year. For November we used a dusty rose, sage and cream. December was gold, white, blue and green. January is veering towards brighter pinks, black and white. 

Don't quite your daydream. 

TYS: Does the new Pantone Color of The Year {rose quarts and serenity blue} influence your color choices?
M:Loving the 2016 Pantone colors of the year! I’m sure there will be some influence, especially as we head into spring and embrace pastels!

TYS: What inspires Paper by Parcel?
M:Paper By Parcel is rooted in the tradition of the handwritten note. We’re inspired by meaningful interactions between people, whether that’s taking the time to write and mail a card or hosting a dinner party. We’re also about finding beauty and joy in the everyday. It’s amazing how adding color and maybe some glitter to your day can instantly lift your spirits. 

TYS: Can you name three Instagram accounts PBP finds inspirational?
M:@StudioDIY, @matchboxkitchen and @thejungalow

TYS: The typical PBP customer is....
M: Someone who loves stationery and discovering new artisanal brands and artists.

TYS: In 3 words PBP can be described by...
M: We send love.

Happy 2016!

TYS: 2016 is going to be...

TYS: Amen!

Follow the creativity on their Instagram page.  Or send them some love: hello@paperbyparcel.com 

Thanks so much Paper by Parcel!

Pantone Color{s} of 2016: Rose Quartz & Serenity

January 4, 2016

News Update: The New Colors of 2016 Are Here
Happy 2016. It's a New Year & it's time to welcome the new Pantone color of 2016. This year, is unlike any other year as Pantone picked two corresponding hues instead of their typical one hue. This year, Pantone selected Rose Quartz & Serenity. Aka the Blair & Serena of the color charts-as each one compliments the other!

Really, I believe that these are the colors that unicorns & daydreams are made of, but when thinking about Rose Quartz, I think of my Rose Gold IPHONE 6S--which brings pure joy to me every time I dig into my pocket to retrieve it.

So, with the excitement of the new Pantone colors, The Yellow Spectacles has selected a few inspirational products to help celebrate & ring in the New year!  

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