Spot Inspired Decor: Dalmatian Print

Even before main stream design sites, brands, & retailers took to the chic black & white spotted home furnishings & prints theme, I have always loved the dalmatian print.

Basically, I love dalmatians in general, but until the day comes when I can own my very own dalmatian--decorating with a touch of {faux} spotted print{s} will have to do.

& So, with out further ado--here are a few of my very own dalmatian inspired home furnishing picks. Both the dalmatian knick-knack & printed pillows came from my local Hobby Lobby.

What I truly love about the black & white spotted trend is that while it looks incredibly trendy, chic, & high end--it's also a classic/ timeless touch to add to any room for a little personal flare. Oui. Oui. 


  1. I definitely agree with you and how chic the black and white spotted look! I would definitely love to incorporate this into my office space. Great post :-)

  2. Love the spotted decor! Very fresh take on a dot. :)