Fashion Artist: Josefina Fernandez

Josefina Fernandez 
On October 4, 2014 aspiring fashion illustrator {now aspired!} Josefina Fernandez opened her colorful, whimsical, & modern take on fashion Etsy Shop. Fernandez's unique eye for style, the female form, and art has since then taken off. While, Fernandez does the typical fashion artist things--custom illustrations & fabulous prints. She also illustrates calendars, turns her art into stickers, luggage tags, chic coffee cups, & other pretty little things. Hint. Hint. Not so typical.

PC:JF Illustrations 
True, fashion & art have become BFs over the years, Fernandez's approach is different. Different in a good way. Her illustrations appear to be cotton candy for the eyes. Her whimsical girls often carry steaming cups of cappuccinos {& Chanel bags!}, have frothy pink hair, & long limbs covered with tulle and chiffon.

Fernandez's creations are the go to staples for dressing up your workspace or the added cheer to a custom stationary tablet.

So, was Fernandez always so artsy? So whimsical & a girl boss? Well, The Yellow Specs was able to interview Fernandez--who left all her colored pencils on the table.

The Yellow Spectacles: You're a Fashion Illustrator...Was this always your profession or something that came later down the road?
Josefina Fernandez:I majored in Apparel Design back in Argentina. The illustration part is self-taught. I had to figure it out in order to be able to express my ideas and designs, both in college and in the jobs I had afterwards in the industry. 
After working for a couple years as a designer, I got frustrated because of the work conditions of the fashion industry in Argentina, and decided to pursue another dream career of mine. 
My soul needed (and still needs!) to travel the world. I then became a flight attendant and was one for 7 and a half years.
In September 2014 I quit my FA job, moved to Miami and opened my Etsy shop. I'm very happy and feel truly blessed to be a full-time fashion illustrator.

PC:JF Illustrations 
TYS: Your design style is so unique. Can you sum it up in a few words?
JF: Thank you! An Instagram follower of mine recently described my work as a "fashionable candy land". 
I love that description!

TYS: What do you love about being a fashion illustrator?
JF:I love experimenting with different illustration techniques, and also to have to be up-to-date with the fashion trends as a part of my job description.

Josefina Fernandez's art os "Fashionable Candy-Land." 

TYS:Obviously, it isn't all glamour. What are some business challenges you had to overcome?
JFIt is. I didn't have a clue of what I was signing for when I first opened my Etsy shop. Being an entrepreneur (and being new in a country) implies a LOT of figuring things out. 
I like to free my creative process from limitations as much as I can. I wanted my illustrations to be able to be blown up to larger-than-life proportions. That's why I decided to teach myself to turn my illustrations into vectors. It was pretty challenging, and involved a lot of figuring out, but I made it. One of my girls is now on a Fashion boutique in California. And I won't stop until my girls are roaming the streets of Manhattan in the M buses. ;)

TYS:How do you think social media & your Etsy shop have helped your career thus far?
JF: Social media has been an amazing platform to showcase my work on. I have been contacted by a lot of big brands and companies through them, specially through Instagram. 
Etsy is the bomb! I love the limitless feeling of being able to reach people all over the world with my art. I have shipped my artwork to every continent except Antarctica. Yay!

TYS: Who are your muses when your sketch?
JF:Oh I have quite a few. But I would say Fernanda Ly ( Warukatta), is my ultimate muse. Japanese culture and Japanese people influence my work a lot. Pop culture. Colors. Traveling inspires me. 

TYS: Where would you like to take your girls next?
JF:I am starting to work on book covers, and I like that a lot. I would love to continue down the editorial path. I also want to teach illustration and design again. (I did so shortly after graduating from college).

PC:JF Illustrations 
TYS: If you had to sketch a "Yellow Spectacles" girl she would look like...
JF:Yes! I picture her a lot like my "Ella Mode" illustration. Blond hair in a top bun, yellow (almost golden) glasses, and a very pale baby-blue (faux) fur coat.

TYS: Do you have any modern day 'it girls' or bloggers that currently inspire you? If so, whom?
JF:YES! my favorite fashion bloggers are Blair from Atlantic-Pacific, and Jenny (Margo and me). I recently discovered "Up close and stylish" and I'm in love with every one of her looks. 
I look at their Instagrams and blogs for inspiration all the time, and they happen to like the illustrations I make of them. Prada and MiuMiu, by Miuccia Prada,  Red Valentino, and Chanel are my favorite brands to draw inspiration from.

Jf Illustrations has a glowing 175 reviews on her Etsy page as well as a slew of Instagram followers who adore her every post. The New Year is just beginning, but Fernandez's talent will last for decades to come.  


  1. Such pretty things! I love her illustration works! So talented! <3

    -Lily from With Love Lily Rose