Pretty Little Thing...

Pretty Lil Thing {Macaroons Via Dec/Jan issue of Martha Stewart Living Magazine}

Got a secret? I can't keep it...Seriously, I am pretty excited about the return of Pretty Little Liars.

Are you? After all, the suspense isn't killing me {I know who A really is} sigh, but the anticipation to see the girl's five year flash forward makeovers is! Spencer's bangs, Aria's bob, Hanna's make-under & Emily's new BOHO chic vibe--all worth tuning into to see.

Which all the secrets, lies, & gossip will start reappearing this New Year {1-12-2016}.

So, whether you are on The A Team or apart of the Aria, Hannah, Spencer, & Emily Girl Squad you probably appreciate pretty little things...don't you?

PLL Season 6B

Inspired the the return of the modern day Murder She Wrote  young adult phenomenon, Pretty Little Liars: The Yellow Specs has gathered a list of pretty little accessories & such just for the special occasion.

Like it? Click the links below to see where to score the goods--A isn't the only B that knows how to spill the beans.

Better hurry up to lock it your pocket...