Paper By Parcel

Paper by Parcel 
I love nothing more than pretty packaging, lovely lettering, & stylish stationary. So, you'd imagine my reaction when my pink & gold Paper by Parcel January survival box came in the mail this earlier month.

Who is...what is Paper by Parcel? Well, it's a monthly subscription box that arrives {yeah, monthly} in the mail. Inside the box o fun is charming stationary, little gifts crafted by artisans, & other small items to pamper yo-self.

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 After receiving my beautiful box full of January survival goodness, I can rest easy that I will start 2016 off right.

 Inside the box of pretty Paper by Parcel things were...

  • Rifle Paper Co. Great Things Note Pad
  • 'Don't Quite Your Daydream' Pencils {2}
  • Chambre de Sucre Abbot Kinney Tea
  • Buckler's Chapped Skin Remedy 1ox Jar
Paper by Parcel is all about customer experience, interacting with one an other, as well as staying social. You can enjoy a one time special delivery for $20.00, a 3 month delivery for $60.00, a 6 month delivery for $120.00  or one full year {a box every month!!}for $220.00.

Really, this party at your doorstep is an ideal gift for yourself, but how perfect is it to spoil a friend too?

Neat huh!? The Yellow Specs was able to chat with a paper connoisseur over at PBP, Madison to see what makes them tick.

The Yellow Spectacles: For those who are unfamiliar with Paper by Parcel the company is...?
Madison:Paper By Parcel is a stationery and lifestyle based subscription box and gifting site. We’re all about finding the prettiest paper goods and gift items and curating them into themed boxes that get delivered right to your door. We offer a $20 monthly subscription box of pretty surprises, and we also have single purchase gift sets for special occasions like bridal, birthday, new mom, etc. 

TYS: What does Paper by Parcel have planned for 2016?
M:We’re definitely planning on creating more collaborative and custom products for both the subscription box and the gift sets. 

TYS: In your opinion, what is the best part about the start of a New Year?
M:I think that there’s a heightened level of energy and excitement. A new year brings hope and it’s the perfect time to refocus on your goals and let go of any disappointments or regrets.

"{Paper by Parcel} is rooted in the tradition of a hand written note. We are inspired by the meaningful interactions of people..."

TYS: I see that your color schemes are often mint, blush, & gold are you planning on new color schemes for 2016?
M:The color scheme of our brand will stay blush, mint, white and gold, but the color scheme of each month’s subscription box will change to fit the mood of the time of year. For November we used a dusty rose, sage and cream. December was gold, white, blue and green. January is veering towards brighter pinks, black and white. 

Don't quite your daydream. 

TYS: Does the new Pantone Color of The Year {rose quarts and serenity blue} influence your color choices?
M:Loving the 2016 Pantone colors of the year! I’m sure there will be some influence, especially as we head into spring and embrace pastels!

TYS: What inspires Paper by Parcel?
M:Paper By Parcel is rooted in the tradition of the handwritten note. We’re inspired by meaningful interactions between people, whether that’s taking the time to write and mail a card or hosting a dinner party. We’re also about finding beauty and joy in the everyday. It’s amazing how adding color and maybe some glitter to your day can instantly lift your spirits. 

TYS: Can you name three Instagram accounts PBP finds inspirational?
M:@StudioDIY, @matchboxkitchen and @thejungalow

TYS: The typical PBP customer is....
M: Someone who loves stationery and discovering new artisanal brands and artists.

TYS: In 3 words PBP can be described by...
M: We send love.

Happy 2016!

TYS: 2016 is going to be...

TYS: Amen!

Follow the creativity on their Instagram page.  Or send them some love: 

Thanks so much Paper by Parcel!


  1. I love subscription services like these- so fun! happy new year!

  2. Thanks Jamie, it's so fun to get monthly happy mail--I agree! Thanks for reading-Katelyn

  3. This subscription box sounds amazing, can't wait to check it out!
    xo, Syd