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Minnie Mouse Is In The House: Halloween 2015

October 30, 2015

I will be the first person to confess, I am not a huge Halloween dress-up fan, but when you have a blog & one of it's main purposes is to show creative/ inspirational ideas/posts something has to give.

So, I did--give. I was inspired to be a little cheery Minnie Mouse this Halloween by recalling on this past spring's Disney, Lauren Conrad/Kohl's Collection.

If you recall, LC & Kohl's had a chic red, white, black, navy, & polka-dot themed clothing line centered around the glamorous mouse, Minnie Mouse.

The LC campaign photo shoot was cute enough alone to sway my non-dressing up state-of-mind, but Conrad's Minnie inspired skirts, shorts, and peter-pan collar shirts were neck n' neck with the cuteness {& eventually, swayed my mind!}.

I used the LC Disney Minnie Mouse Collection skirt as inspiration & focused the other costume elements around it.

'Minni Skirt'

A black sweater, leggings, heels, and a DIY pair of Minnie Ears completed my look.

You can buy Minnie ears or follow my Minnie Mouse board on Pinterest to see how to make your

Not trying to be a Halloween over-achiever, I did both { made a pair of ears & found a pair at Five Below for $4!}

When being Minnie, remember, a sweet attitude is key along with a red lip.

Not too worry, just be your own Minnie Mouse & you'll find your Mickey! Hopefully, at the Halloween Ball--Keep an eye out for a dapper red polka-dot bow tie!

A Glance Through Their Specs: The New England Bell: Elizabeth Gerardi

October 28, 2015

Meet the self-proclaimed, Blair Waldorf, Elizabeth Gerardi. She's a collegiate prepster born and raised in Rhode Island & loves to boast she is a Southern{Em, New England} Belle.

From her blog, The New England Belle, her grace, love for preppy plaid, & appreciation for a good headband it isn't hard to see why her social media status & blog are all so successful.

With autumn being the ideal preppy season, TYS got to look through The New England Belle's Specs to see how she does it all.


TYS: In your opinion, what are three components to making a good blog post? 
  • Originality:  There needs to be something that sets you apart from the rest. There are so many talented bloggers but everyone has there niche, find yours and embrace it.
  • Good quality: For the first year of having my blog most of my photos were taken on a regular point and shoot Nikon camera. It wasn't until this June that I started working with a friend of mine who is an amazing photographer. The difference in the quality of the photos is unreal and it's definitely made my blog much more professional and increased my followers.
  • Passion: It's so apparent when bloggers are promoting products they have little interest in. Everything that goes on my blog is something I wholeheartedly love.
"She {Blair Waldorf} is definitely my style  icon and I am flattered that so many people put me in the same category as her"-Elizabeth

TYS: How have you gone about building your social media fan base? 
Elizabeth: Tumblr and Pinterest are great because it's an easy way to get your photos out there for people to see. Before starting my blog I had a Tumblr so I had followers and when I started posting my blog photos on Tumblr that's when I really started gaining more followers on Instagram and my blog.

TYS:Three Instagram accounts you are following and everyone should follow too.... 
  • @Galmeetsglam
Julia is one of my favorite bloggers, her blog covers everything from fashion, to home decor, to travel and she's a huge inspiration of mine. 
  • @Townandcountrymag
This is my absolute favorite account, the pictures are so gorgeous and inspire me day to day. 
  • @katespadeny
Kate spade is my favorite brand and I love seeing the videos and outfits they post. 

TYS: What has been your most popular blog post, why do you think it was so successful?
Elizabeth: My most successful post was Lobster Picnic. Most of my posts are my outfits  individually, but this one I included two of my friends and not only focused on our fashion but also the picnic and table setting. I hope to expand my blog to include other topics such as party planning, home decor, and recipes, however it will always be a majority fashion oriented since that is my biggest passion.  

TYS:You call yourself the real-life Blair Waldorf...how so 
Elizabeth: When I first started posting my outfits on Instagram the most frequent comment I received was that I was so similar to Blair Waldorf. We both love classic preppy looks, and are very feminine. I am a big fan of bright coats and matching purses, and color coordinating everything.  Whenever I wear skirts with my bright red tights a "So Blair!" comment is almost guaranteed.  
She is definitely my style  icon and I am flattered that so many people put me in the same category as her. 

TYS: How much have you enjoyed sponsoring/wearing  Hillflint Sweaters?
Elizabeth: I love the Hillflint sweaters and they fit in perfectly with my style. In the fall I channel the New England Ivy League look. So it fit in perfectly with my persona
Follow Elizabeth on Insta @ElizabethGerardi13
Merci, Elizabeth!

Butterflies & Plaid: Fall Essentials

October 26, 2015

Created Via Pic Collage

Butterflies & Plaids may not seem like they go together, but your mind might be swayed after reading this post.

Butterflies & Plaid 

Kate Spade & Keds Collaboration


Inspired by a pair of black & white butterfly print Kate Spade sneakers I purchased from Amazon & a red {super warm} plaid scarf from Marshall's I was intrigued enough to do a lil' mash-up with the  two prints...Adding a warm, gray fedora & a splash of cranberries completed this late Autumn look.

Berries of Inspiration

B & W Pattern Transitions Easily Seasonally

Riley in Plaid

Enjoy & Shop below!


A Glance Through Their Specs: Sarah Zerbe

October 23, 2015

Glance Through Their Specs Series 

Classy, cool, confident, & fun are words that come to mind when thinking {&writing} about preppy fashion blogger, Sarah Zerbe. However, you may know her as Stylish, Sassy, & Classy-FYI-Her blog!

Although, Sarah has been blogging for about two years; her style, confidence, Instagram feed & popularity oozes professionalism.

Sarah is a soon-to-be graduating senior at UNCG {fashion student} & while she pictures herself going into buying or working for Belk, she'd love to call "professional blogger" her #dreamjob. Which really, doesn't seem that far off!

So, with Sarah's preppy/sophisticated style, cool collection of blog readers, & a college graduation on the horizon this is a ideal time for The Yellow Spectacles to glance through her specs!

TYS: For those who aren't 100% familiar with your blog and Insta page how would you describe it?
Sarah: I would describe my brand as fun, colorful, and girly. 

TYS: Being a blogger, it helps to have a audience and a specific "blogging voice." Who is your audience & what is your blogging platform
Sarah: I think my audience is other young woman like myself, in college, or just out of college. These are real woman looking for style inspiration that they can adapt to their everyday live.
" I would love to blog professionally #dreamjob but I don’t know if that will happen right out of graduation. I had always planned on buying a buyer for Belk when I graduated"-Sarah.
TYS: In your opinion what are three blogging/blogger's essentials? (can be items or state-of-mind, perspective)
Sarah: CREATIVITY, a great camera, and a positive attitude. 

TYS: Do you have advice for other bloggers about building/maintaining connections?
Sarah: Always, Always, email a company back ASAP, it shows professionalism. They might have emailed 10 girls, but if you are the first one to get back to them, the job might go to you.
TYS: In three words, can you describe your style?
Sarah: Classic, colorful, fun.

Follow Sarah on Instagram @Ssarahlouisezerbe

Thanks Sarah!

Meet Artist, Lindsay Nichole

October 19, 2015

Lindsay Nicole Designs

The Yellow Spectacles is lucky enough to have had/have the chance to interview {& receive prints from} some lovely illustrators & stationary artist.

Stationary, artful illustrations, & all around unique prints have been a long recipient of my affection which probably explains why I feature so many illustrators. Fashion illustrators are in high demand right now. If you followed this past NYFW you already know this. Designers are seeking out illustrators to launch & share their collections...in some cases, illustrators are getting booked over photographers.

This notion leads us to Lindsay Nichole of Lindsay Nichole Designs. Lindsay is a true Texan, creative gal, & Lord praising entrepreneur. Yep, you guessed correctly, she is a illustrator as well. Lindsay was kind enough to share her creative story with The Yellow Specs & provide some fall festive prints for us to ogle at.

TYS: Was art always one of your talents growing up?
LND: Yes! I have been drawing & doodling for as long as I can remember! My parents own a business and ever since I was little, my sister & I would go to work with our parents and spend all of our time drawing pictures to fill the office walls with! The pictures are still there to this day!

TYS: Tell me about your prints and the type of style you use
LND: I think my prints are a good reflection of me and my interests! My prints feature a variety of subjects; things like fashion, travel, and scripture verses. I like to use a lot of bright, vibrant colors in my designs, especially pink and fuchsia! I tend to draw everything in a very stylized fashion. It's kind of what my mind sees as soon as I look at whatever I'm drawing. Although I do occasionally like to draw realistically, for the most part I like to draw things more unrealistic rather than realistic.

TYS:What inspires you/your prints?
LND: A lot of my prints feature scripture/bible verses, which I think can be very encouraging or inspiring to people. I believe that scripture is very powerful and when we fill the space around us with it, it can have a hugely positive effect! 
Basically I like to illustrate, draw, or paint whatever catches my eye or interests me, whether it be fashion, quotes, scripture, or travel! 
" I also like to paint things in bright, vibrant colors rather than their natural colors" -LND.
TYS: Your most favorite print was/is...
LND: I would have to say my favorite is one of my fashion illustrations, "Simple Stripes + Fuchsia." I love stripes, especially black & white, so I think that's why I like it so much! Another one of my favorites is one of my scripture prints, "More Precious than Rubies" {the striped variation} !

TYS: Have you had any "flops" prints that didn't workout?
LND: I've definitely had some prints that have been more popular than others, but I haven't really had one that just absolutely no one liked. 
TYS: What goals do you have for your business?
LND: I definitely want to continue to grow my business, but I think my main goal is to continue to work hard and improve my skill with every piece of art I create. My goals for what I create are first, to glorify God with my artistic ability and second, to encourage others. 
 "I hope to encourage {people}, whether it be for them to be inspired by something I created, or someone being inspired to begin drawing or painting themselves, or just pursuing whatever talent or passion they may have"-LND.
TYS: One print you haven't made yet, but would really love to?
LND: This one is a bit hard, because I am constantly having ideas run through my head for new things to create! With the holiday season seemingly fast approaching, I'm slightly thinking about Christmas! This season, I hope to make a variety of Christmas prints! And, considering that Christmas is my favorite time of the year, I probably will!:)
TYS: If you had to make a Yellow Spectacle print it would look like?
LND: Hmm, it would probably include exactly that...a pair of yellow spectacles! Haha It'd have a very stylish pair of yellow spectacles centered in the page and below that, the words "The Yellow Spectacles blog" with "the" and "blog" in Helvetica Ultra Light font, centered above and below the words "Yellow Spectacles", and "Yellow Spectacles" in hand-lettering. Simple, but cute!

TYS: I like it! 
TYS: Any role models in your art world that you look to for inspiration/advice or just admire? Who?
LND: In my art world? Hmm, well I definitely always ask my family's opinion when I'm making something new. If I can't decide on certain colors or if I just want their opinion, I know they'll give me an honest one. My sister is a phenomenal charcoal artist and she has a great artistic eye, so I always value her opinion!  
TYS: Finish this sentence, "My prints are...?"
LND: Fun, colorful, inspiring, and will bring a smile to your face!! :)
Thanks, Lindsay!!

Dress Your Dog(s) For Halloween

October 16, 2015

Halloween isn't only a holiday for people to dress in their witchest & spookiest costumes they can create, but it's also a fun time of year to dress your animals up too. Mind you, they may or may not hate you for doing so, but at least you'll get some really great pictures & a few goblin giggles out of it.

Riley & Bentley {believe it or not} aren't huge costume wearing fans. True, they are stylish & appreciate a good sweater, but costumes aren't their first biscuit of choice.

Therefore, you'll notice they are sporting their most festive Halloween styled tee shirts instead...don't you think they look like Thing 1 & Thing 2?

Thing 1
I do!

Thing 2

For those of you who are lucky enough to get your pets to wear their flashy Halloween costume(s) surf the links below for inspiration & enjoy Riley & Bentley's fall photo shoot.

Shopping for Halloween & Fall Pet Attire

Woof. Woof.

Festivley Fall & Fall Activites

October 14, 2015


Fall Activities are plentiful like the apples on the trees during the months of  September & October.

Apple Picking


Whether it be early morning hikes through the woods to capture the natural beauty of the leave changes or cruising up the street on your bike to do the same thing-- it is certainly a special time of the year to enjoy the outdoors--it's short lived, but special none-the-less.

Fall Decorating 

Fall Cruising
So, what are your typical fall adventures? I often hold the tradition of taking my dogs to a few fall farms so they can experience fall activities of their very own. Apple picking, fall decorating, & outdoor walks are fun too. I don't mind fall..it is what comes after that ....

Happy Fa Fa Fall-ing...

Shop below to find your own fall festive look...


Up & Away with The Balloon Bar

October 12, 2015

The Yellow Spectacles & The Balloon Bar
Fancy this, a giant golden balloon attached to a tail in the color schemes of ravishing silver, gold, & metallic.
Well, I can fancy this {as can you through the pictures} with this balloon beauty that arrived at my doorstep earlier this month.
Where can one find such a well-dressed balloon & others like it? The Balloon Bar.

Basically, The Balloon Bar is a fancy {yet affordable} balloon shop that runs on helium & imagination! Yeah, you guessed it, the creatives over at this different kind-of-bar have a balloon idea in mind for every {&any} occasion{s}.
Really, you name the color of the balloon, the tail, & the balloon's shape! It can be completely created/customized especially for you!
Birthday boppers,  party goers, bloggers,  children, & wedding parties are creating their own balloons at The Balloon Bar--I have to confess, I am a little buzzed with all this balloon bonanza.

The balloons over at The Balloon Bar are dreamed & created in Austin, Texas with the head creative officer, Anna Enriquez being the gal with the helium power.
What are the ingredients & success secretes to a up-start balloon business? The Yellow Specs chatted with Anna to see how her kind Valentine's Day gesture turned into a blooming business. Along with Anna's story, TYS was inspired by her golden balloon & went a little wild with autumn golds & mad plaids.


TYS: Can you briefly explain the nature of your business? And How long you have been in business?

The Balloon Bar: I started this business on February 9th, 2015. I decided to do a DIY balloon for my boyfriend to give on Valentines Day! When I made it, I showed it to my friend, who was outside my apartment and a girl saw it, went head over heels and decided to buy it from me. 
From there, the next day two girls called me, asking my for the exact balloon, which was a heart shaped balloon with red, pink and purple tassels. 

Balloon Tassels 
TYS: What is it like to work with Balloons on a daily basis?

TBB: Working with balloons everyday is SO much fun! There is never a dull moment in the studio. There is always glitter, confetti, tassels, paper, markers, odd objects literally EVERYWHERE, so after a while we gave up on organizing everything! 

TYS: Is there a typical "day" in your world when it comes to The Balloon Bar..?

TBB: There is actually a typical day for The Balloon Bar and that is making our most popular balloon, The Parrot {a festive, glittery colorful, party balloon}.
"Little did I know {my hobby} would bloom after a month. I started getting order on a daily basis. I currently sell balloons with tassels, which can be customized by the client, as well as huge frames, 'Capture It!' that are also customize-able to the clients liking"-Anna
TYS: How do you find others to either hire on to work with or collaborate with?-Do you look for something specific?

TBB: I like to collaborate with bloggers who believe in the same concept as me. 
"To spread happiness to the world" and not being afraid to be goofy! I like people who are not afraid to be themselves and have a positive energy. I like to be surrounded with people who are outgoing and true to themselves.

TYS: What has been the most challenging aspect of your job? How have you coped?

TBB: The most challenging aspect has been the work load and how to manage my time. This is my "side-job" because I have a full time job working at a law firm (weird, I know! Law and balloons are completely different careers). 
I went old school and bought a calendar in order to keep my orders organized, ideas and thoughts.  
  "I like people who are not afraid to be themselves and have a positive energy"-TBB.

TYS: Okay, The most rewarding thing is your line of of work...?

TBB: I LOVE LOVE to see the smile on my client's face when they see the balloon for the first time! We live in a world where life puts us through a roller coaster and sometimes we are riding so low on that roller coaster and need a little cheering up! So just seeing that smile for less than a minute is priceless. 


TYS: Fun things on the horizon for The Balloon Bar are..? 

TBB: We are launching new products for Fall and it does not only involve balloons! I will leave it to your imagination! Also, we are expanding to another city, which we reveal in the upcoming months! 

TYS: Where do you come up with your concepts and designs?

TBB: These balloons are clearly not my invention! I would see them in pictures and in different cities! In order to make them special, I allow my clients to customize them to their liking! 
As to my designs? I owe them all to my mother and myself because two brains are better than one right? My mother is so creative and we are always tossing ideas around and that is how we do it here at The Balloon Bar, it is all about teamwork! 

Bloggers & Balloons
TYS: In three words The Balloon Bar is...

TBB: Daily balloon party!!  

 "My mother is so creative and we are always tossing ideas around and that is how we do it here at The Balloon Bar, it is all about teamwork!"-Anna
TYS:  How can people find, shop, and connect with you? 

TBB: I LOVE LOVE Instagram so much! Ever since Instagram launched, I believe it has opened so many doors to many people. I use it a lot, and use hashtags to my advantage so people can find me. I also like to collaborate with bloggers to get the word out for my balloons! Another way to connect/ shop is through my website.

Aside from ordering your festive balloons from The Balloon Bar {& follow the fun on their SnapChat} Shop the post for plaid & fall decor!: 

Thank You, The Balloon Bar!!!

Pretty Little Pumpkin Week Wrap Up

October 9, 2015

A Hobby Lobby Find 

Cross your Ts & dot your Is...sadly, Pretty Little Pumpkin Week is wrapping up.

Hopefully, you have been inspired to make some one-of-a-kind pretty lil' pumpkins for your home, apartment, or dorm room.

Target {only $3}
To recap, we channeled our inner Cinderella & made a magical set of Bibbidi Boddidi BOO pumpkins, donut pumpkins, & little Lilly inspired pumpkins too.

So, not everyone is a crafter--thankfully, man created retail so those who do not have a glitter thumb can still decorate their homes with cute finds.

Joann Fabrics

Wrapping up PLPW is sad, but I have rounded up some cute pumpkin finds for all to enjoy
& to have neighbors say, "where did you get such a cute pretty little pumpkin?"

Be sure to share your creations here or on Instagram with me using #PLPW #Theyellowspectacles

Pretty Little Pumpkin Week. Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo: Cinderella Inspired Pumpkins

October 5, 2015

Adding a Wand is a must!

It's almost Halloween. Meaning, there are lots of crafts, costumes, and decorations to be made. The Yellow Spectacles is kicking Pretty Little Pumpkin Week off with a dash of magic & a drop of imagination.


Flashback to March 2015, I saw the non-animated screen adaptation of Walt Disney's Cinderella {with Lily James as Cinderella}. To say I was spell-bounded by the film would be an understatement.

Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo!

Everything from the costumes, scenery, special effects, casting, & soundtrack were reasons enough for me to fall in love with one of Disney's most classic princess.

Confetti instead of Glitter

While watching the film, I was inspired by Cinderella's Fairy Godmother & her wand-ful magic pumpkin creation.

pumpkins found at hobby lobby

Instead of turning a ripe pumpkin into a carriage, I decided to turn a few faux pumpkins into centerpieces.

Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo...this Halloween craft came to be. I hope you are just as enchanted by the craft as I was by the movie. The best part about this DIY is that you can be your own Fairy Godmother in the making of these fantastical pumpkins  


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