A Glance Through Their Specs: Sarah Zerbe

Glance Through Their Specs Series 

Classy, cool, confident, & fun are words that come to mind when thinking {&writing} about preppy fashion blogger, Sarah Zerbe. However, you may know her as Stylish, Sassy, & Classy-FYI-Her blog!

Although, Sarah has been blogging for about two years; her style, confidence, Instagram feed & popularity oozes professionalism.

Sarah is a soon-to-be graduating senior at UNCG {fashion student} & while she pictures herself going into buying or working for Belk, she'd love to call "professional blogger" her #dreamjob. Which really, doesn't seem that far off!

So, with Sarah's preppy/sophisticated style, cool collection of blog readers, & a college graduation on the horizon this is a ideal time for The Yellow Spectacles to glance through her specs!

TYS: For those who aren't 100% familiar with your blog and Insta page how would you describe it?
Sarah: I would describe my brand as fun, colorful, and girly. 

TYS: Being a blogger, it helps to have a audience and a specific "blogging voice." Who is your audience & what is your blogging platform
Sarah: I think my audience is other young woman like myself, in college, or just out of college. These are real woman looking for style inspiration that they can adapt to their everyday live.
" I would love to blog professionally #dreamjob but I don’t know if that will happen right out of graduation. I had always planned on buying a buyer for Belk when I graduated"-Sarah.
TYS: In your opinion what are three blogging/blogger's essentials? (can be items or state-of-mind, perspective)
Sarah: CREATIVITY, a great camera, and a positive attitude. 

TYS: Do you have advice for other bloggers about building/maintaining connections?
Sarah: Always, Always, email a company back ASAP, it shows professionalism. They might have emailed 10 girls, but if you are the first one to get back to them, the job might go to you.
TYS: In three words, can you describe your style?
Sarah: Classic, colorful, fun.

Follow Sarah on Instagram @Ssarahlouisezerbe

Thanks Sarah!