Meet Artist, Lindsay Nichole

Lindsay Nicole Designs

The Yellow Spectacles is lucky enough to have had/have the chance to interview {& receive prints from} some lovely illustrators & stationary artist.

Stationary, artful illustrations, & all around unique prints have been a long recipient of my affection which probably explains why I feature so many illustrators. Fashion illustrators are in high demand right now. If you followed this past NYFW you already know this. Designers are seeking out illustrators to launch & share their some cases, illustrators are getting booked over photographers.

This notion leads us to Lindsay Nichole of Lindsay Nichole Designs. Lindsay is a true Texan, creative gal, & Lord praising entrepreneur. Yep, you guessed correctly, she is a illustrator as well. Lindsay was kind enough to share her creative story with The Yellow Specs & provide some fall festive prints for us to ogle at.

TYS: Was art always one of your talents growing up?
LND: Yes! I have been drawing & doodling for as long as I can remember! My parents own a business and ever since I was little, my sister & I would go to work with our parents and spend all of our time drawing pictures to fill the office walls with! The pictures are still there to this day!

TYS: Tell me about your prints and the type of style you use
LND: I think my prints are a good reflection of me and my interests! My prints feature a variety of subjects; things like fashion, travel, and scripture verses. I like to use a lot of bright, vibrant colors in my designs, especially pink and fuchsia! I tend to draw everything in a very stylized fashion. It's kind of what my mind sees as soon as I look at whatever I'm drawing. Although I do occasionally like to draw realistically, for the most part I like to draw things more unrealistic rather than realistic.

TYS:What inspires you/your prints?
LND: A lot of my prints feature scripture/bible verses, which I think can be very encouraging or inspiring to people. I believe that scripture is very powerful and when we fill the space around us with it, it can have a hugely positive effect! 
Basically I like to illustrate, draw, or paint whatever catches my eye or interests me, whether it be fashion, quotes, scripture, or travel! 
" I also like to paint things in bright, vibrant colors rather than their natural colors" -LND.
TYS: Your most favorite print was/is...
LND: I would have to say my favorite is one of my fashion illustrations, "Simple Stripes + Fuchsia." I love stripes, especially black & white, so I think that's why I like it so much! Another one of my favorites is one of my scripture prints, "More Precious than Rubies" {the striped variation} !

TYS: Have you had any "flops" prints that didn't workout?
LND: I've definitely had some prints that have been more popular than others, but I haven't really had one that just absolutely no one liked. 
TYS: What goals do you have for your business?
LND: I definitely want to continue to grow my business, but I think my main goal is to continue to work hard and improve my skill with every piece of art I create. My goals for what I create are first, to glorify God with my artistic ability and second, to encourage others. 
 "I hope to encourage {people}, whether it be for them to be inspired by something I created, or someone being inspired to begin drawing or painting themselves, or just pursuing whatever talent or passion they may have"-LND.
TYS: One print you haven't made yet, but would really love to?
LND: This one is a bit hard, because I am constantly having ideas run through my head for new things to create! With the holiday season seemingly fast approaching, I'm slightly thinking about Christmas! This season, I hope to make a variety of Christmas prints! And, considering that Christmas is my favorite time of the year, I probably will!:)
TYS: If you had to make a Yellow Spectacle print it would look like?
LND: Hmm, it would probably include exactly that...a pair of yellow spectacles! Haha It'd have a very stylish pair of yellow spectacles centered in the page and below that, the words "The Yellow Spectacles blog" with "the" and "blog" in Helvetica Ultra Light font, centered above and below the words "Yellow Spectacles", and "Yellow Spectacles" in hand-lettering. Simple, but cute!

TYS: I like it! 
TYS: Any role models in your art world that you look to for inspiration/advice or just admire? Who?
LND: In my art world? Hmm, well I definitely always ask my family's opinion when I'm making something new. If I can't decide on certain colors or if I just want their opinion, I know they'll give me an honest one. My sister is a phenomenal charcoal artist and she has a great artistic eye, so I always value her opinion!  
TYS: Finish this sentence, "My prints are...?"
LND: Fun, colorful, inspiring, and will bring a smile to your face!! :)
Thanks, Lindsay!!