Dress Your Dog(s) For Halloween

Halloween isn't only a holiday for people to dress in their witchest & spookiest costumes they can create, but it's also a fun time of year to dress your animals up too. Mind you, they may or may not hate you for doing so, but at least you'll get some really great pictures & a few goblin giggles out of it.

Riley & Bentley {believe it or not} aren't huge costume wearing fans. True, they are stylish & appreciate a good sweater, but costumes aren't their first biscuit of choice.

Therefore, you'll notice they are sporting their most festive Halloween styled tee shirts instead...don't you think they look like Thing 1 & Thing 2?

Thing 1
I do!

Thing 2

For those of you who are lucky enough to get your pets to wear their flashy Halloween costume(s) surf the links below for inspiration & enjoy Riley & Bentley's fall photo shoot.

Shopping for Halloween & Fall Pet Attire

Woof. Woof.