Minnie Mouse Is In The House: Halloween 2015

I will be the first person to confess, I am not a huge Halloween dress-up fan, but when you have a blog & one of it's main purposes is to show creative/ inspirational ideas/posts something has to give.

So, I did--give. I was inspired to be a little cheery Minnie Mouse this Halloween by recalling on this past spring's Disney, Lauren Conrad/Kohl's Collection.

If you recall, LC & Kohl's had a chic red, white, black, navy, & polka-dot themed clothing line centered around the glamorous mouse, Minnie Mouse.

The LC campaign photo shoot was cute enough alone to sway my non-dressing up state-of-mind, but Conrad's Minnie inspired skirts, shorts, and peter-pan collar shirts were neck n' neck with the cuteness {& eventually, swayed my mind!}.

I used the LC Disney Minnie Mouse Collection skirt as inspiration & focused the other costume elements around it.

'Minni Skirt'

A black sweater, leggings, heels, and a DIY pair of Minnie Ears completed my look.

You can buy Minnie ears or follow my Minnie Mouse board on Pinterest to see how to make your

Not trying to be a Halloween over-achiever, I did both { made a pair of ears & found a pair at Five Below for $4!}

When being Minnie, remember, a sweet attitude is key along with a red lip.

Not too worry, just be your own Minnie Mouse & you'll find your Mickey! Hopefully, at the Halloween Ball--Keep an eye out for a dapper red polka-dot bow tie!