A Glance Through Their Specs: The New England Bell: Elizabeth Gerardi

Meet the self-proclaimed, Blair Waldorf, Elizabeth Gerardi. She's a collegiate prepster born and raised in Rhode Island & loves to boast she is a Southern{Em, New England} Belle.

From her blog, The New England Belle, her grace, love for preppy plaid, & appreciation for a good headband it isn't hard to see why her social media status & blog are all so successful.

With autumn being the ideal preppy season, TYS got to look through The New England Belle's Specs to see how she does it all.


TYS: In your opinion, what are three components to making a good blog post? 
  • Originality:  There needs to be something that sets you apart from the rest. There are so many talented bloggers but everyone has there niche, find yours and embrace it.
  • Good quality: For the first year of having my blog most of my photos were taken on a regular point and shoot Nikon camera. It wasn't until this June that I started working with a friend of mine who is an amazing photographer. The difference in the quality of the photos is unreal and it's definitely made my blog much more professional and increased my followers.
  • Passion: It's so apparent when bloggers are promoting products they have little interest in. Everything that goes on my blog is something I wholeheartedly love.
"She {Blair Waldorf} is definitely my style  icon and I am flattered that so many people put me in the same category as her"-Elizabeth

TYS: How have you gone about building your social media fan base? 
Elizabeth: Tumblr and Pinterest are great because it's an easy way to get your photos out there for people to see. Before starting my blog I had a Tumblr so I had followers and when I started posting my blog photos on Tumblr that's when I really started gaining more followers on Instagram and my blog.

TYS:Three Instagram accounts you are following and everyone should follow too.... 
  • @Galmeetsglam
Julia is one of my favorite bloggers, her blog covers everything from fashion, to home decor, to travel and she's a huge inspiration of mine. 
  • @Townandcountrymag
This is my absolute favorite account, the pictures are so gorgeous and inspire me day to day. 
  • @katespadeny
Kate spade is my favorite brand and I love seeing the videos and outfits they post. 

TYS: What has been your most popular blog post, why do you think it was so successful?
Elizabeth: My most successful post was Lobster Picnic. Most of my posts are my outfits  individually, but this one I included two of my friends and not only focused on our fashion but also the picnic and table setting. I hope to expand my blog to include other topics such as party planning, home decor, and recipes, however it will always be a majority fashion oriented since that is my biggest passion.  

TYS:You call yourself the real-life Blair Waldorf...how so 
Elizabeth: When I first started posting my outfits on Instagram the most frequent comment I received was that I was so similar to Blair Waldorf. We both love classic preppy looks, and are very feminine. I am a big fan of bright coats and matching purses, and color coordinating everything.  Whenever I wear skirts with my bright red tights a "So Blair!" comment is almost guaranteed.  
She is definitely my style  icon and I am flattered that so many people put me in the same category as her. 

TYS: How much have you enjoyed sponsoring/wearing  Hillflint Sweaters?
Elizabeth: I love the Hillflint sweaters and they fit in perfectly with my style. In the fall I channel the New England Ivy League look. So it fit in perfectly with my persona
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Merci, Elizabeth!