My Autumnal Checklist

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 My Autumnal Checklist 

But I can see us lost in the memoryAugust slipped away into a moment in time-Taylor Swift 

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Fall Checklist 

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I deep clean my spaces for the start of a new season 

As the days grow shorter & the sun's reach seems to distance itself, I know that it is time for a seasonal change. The weeks of the lingering summer days that quickly slip into autumn are often bitter-sweet as well as busy. 

As the season transitions, it's a busy time checking tasks off my 'to-do list' in order to prep for all of the changes as well as laying the groundwork for a productive new time of year to work. Like many of you, I have a household, cleaning, & miscellaneous tasks to begin during the days leading up to September, so I can make the most out of the autumn season. 

Much like my springtime preparation post I wrote this spring, I have plenty to do during the days leading up to fall. I want to share my autumn seasonal checklist with you with the hopes that it'll motivate you to make the most out of the new season that is quickly coming! FYI, I consider it to be fall from the first day of September right up to December 1st. 

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 My Autumnal Checklist 

  • Fall Deep Cleaning: Jetting here & there during the summer is a breeze, but I take the turn of a new season to really deep clean each room. This starts with washing down walls, & updating linens, & bedding. 
  • Declutter: Once August arrives, I always seem to get the itch to declutter. I go through my clothing,, drawers, cabinets, & so forth really decluttering & donating items.  After I declutter, I re-organize spaces in my homes. These spaces are cabinets, camera storage, closets, & my workshop area. 
  • Fall Decor: On the heels of fall cleaning comes fall decor. Nothing too major here. More & more, I am adopting a simplistic 'minimal' aesthetic not wanting to clutter up space, but adding a few seasonal decorations here & there is always a refreshing way to welcome the season. 
  • Pumpkins & Such: With the change of seasons, pre-winter weathering is needed. During this time of the year, the outside/porch gets cleaned, summer pots are typically disposed of & mums & pumpkins fill the void till Thanksgiving. 
  • Pack Away Swimwear: Shortly after Labor Day, the pool closes. Therefore, it is time to wash & neatly & pack away all swimwear & pool gear for next year. This is a good time to go through & donate any bathing suits I won't wear next year. 
  • Hat & Shoe Altering: I have seasonal baseball hats as well as Crocs I wear at different times of the year. Once September hits, I wash & pack away my summer hats & shoes to make room for my fall variations. 
  • Fall Clothing Alternations: The same goes for my clothes. I pack away my summer dress & bring out longer capris & warmer dresses I am more likely to gravitate toward during the fall months
  • Fall Photography: I have to say, fall/autumn is my favorite season to photograph. Toward the end of the summer, my photo inspiration really drops, but all of the nature & spooky photo opportunities seem to pick it back up. I make sure to go through my Lightroom catalog, & declutter it to make room for new photos. 
  • Dogs: I think my dogs really love Autumn. I am home more with them & the weather is much cooler. Plus, they love cranberry & pumpkin flavors. I go through their spring/summer clothes & rotate to their autumn shirts & a few warmer sweaters. They also have autumn toys to bring out, washing their summer dog toys & packing them away till next Memorial Day. I also like to switch to seasonal collars for them as well. 
  • Baking: During the fall months, it's fun as well as enjoyable to bake something festive. I am leaning toward these ghost sugar cookies
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autumn seasonal to-list to welcome change & creativity 

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