Ambiguity: Fall Style

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Ambiguity: Fall Style 

In a mostly digital world filled with Amazon Try-Ons, Target Shopping Hauls, Swipe-Up Links, & sharing every major & minor daily detail, I am tired. 

Tired in the sense of knowing everything & where to find everything to the point where originality & mystery seems to be oblique. On thoughts of keeping mystery alive, Sophia Loren once said,

Sex appeal is 50 percent what you've got — and 50 percent what people think you've got.


While mystery extends far beyond sex appeal, there's something about not sharing everything in a world where it seems perfectly normal {& maybe almost expected} to share everything.  

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Ambiguity Style: Not Just a Trend

Seasonal trends are one thing, but appearing like a leading influencer's clone from her most recent boutique collaboration has exceeded my interest--not-to-mention, the presence of a phone documenting every tiny detail of the day-to-day. 

Whether it's age or a sense of re-birth, rising from the pandemic's impactful ashes, I am not seeking links, try-on Reels, nor outfit posts for inspiration. Instead, I am seeking Ambiguity.

Perhaps, we got our first taste of ambiguity at this fall's Met Gala with Kim Kardashian's H to T black Balenciaga look. What is more ambiguous than that? 

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Unlike past fall style posts, I won't link to items to shop. I purposely styled pieces in my closet that are from seasons' past.  When it comes to style today, I am all about emulating style & icons that inspire me but don't feel the need to hunt for the exact piece or link.  Let's get back to real fashion, channeling what inspires us, not copying {the exact} things others are wearing. There is fun in the hunt for the unique. 

Creating a look based on a feeling, season, direction, or aspiration is what I find true style to be. Personal style, in general, is something that emulates a mood, time-stamps your moment in that time of your life, & reflects a thought, emotion, or idea that you want to share with well, the world. 

Silver pandora charm bracelet

Women's wood clogs

That bit of mystery is much more impactful than any affiliate link. 

Happy Fall & Happy Styling!

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