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October 5, 2020

Styling October {2020} & Wicked Good Change

Styling October {2020} & Wicked Good Change

I swear, I just blinked & I was struggling to spray the last bit of the sunscreen near the pool's edge & now, it's October. Here, in the Northeast, peak leaf-peeping season is the second week of October, so, get your drones ready! 

If I am being honest, the change in seasons has sparked change within me too. Just as the trees shed their leaves, reducing their baggage, I am doing the same.  Getting rid of excess baggage. I was {have been} feeling overwhelmed with content, creating content, social media, photography, & entwining career avenues. So much so that I have been internally struggling with my identity as a creator & exactly what I want to portray online.

To be honest, I really haven't been all that kind to myself as I look back at my past content. While I know I have come a long way as a photographer, I felt {still feel} like I have a long way to go.  Just as an autumn ash trees burst into hues in rich in reds, yellows, & purples, this little fire inside me has sparked a change inside. 

Writing this now, I find this change a bit liberating as I am changing everything from much I post, what I post, & how much time I spend on social media. This new found change has also fueled my desire to better educate myself in photography, editing, & content creation. 

Change isn't so bad, once we know how to embrace it. 

Yes, Change has come to The Yellow Spectacles. Readers will note that every Monday there has been a fresh post awaiting thirsty eyes, however, this is changing. I will now have two-three new blog posts out each month. One of them is a style feature I am calling, 'Styling {insert month}' & some type of lifestyle & or travel/photography centered post. 

I really feel like this change will be beneficial to readers as I'll have more time to create higher quality content & go more in-depth if needed. Of course, this will be beneficial to my creative state too as I try to find the balance between work & creative life as that line is blurred so often.

For now, I'll leave it at this, change is good. Good for the soul. 

Styling October & This Modern Witchy Look:


This month, Styling October 2020 was inspired by lifetime interest in witches. Does that sound weird? Don't get me wrong, I'm not into practicing witchcraft or witchy religions {no judgment thou}, but there has always been something about witching that has fascinated me.  

Growing up, Sabrina the Teenage Witch was my very most favorite TV show. In middle school, I pretty much believed I was Hermione Granger, & I was ever-so ecstatic when Netflix introduced The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

As of late, I am into styling clothing that I already own. I haven't really purchased too many new pieces for fall & I like it that way as I am slowly trying to edit down my closet. 

This celestial jumper I bought last summer for {I think $12} at Marshall's & it has a Zara label. The sparkly boots are from {I believe} three seasons back Old Navy's holiday collection. Both my glasses & moon barret are old. 

The little turquoise gem on my finger, however, is new & it's from TJ Maxx. Together, this look has a hint of magical & stardust which is perfect for all the good witches out there. & okay, the ones that are a little wicked =}   

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