On Your Mark, Get Set, GoPro: Tips to Taking Epic GoPro Pictures

Tips to Taking Epic GoPro Pictures 

Sometimes, I really surprise myself with my interests as to what they were ten...even five years ago.  These interests have definitely evolved as well as varied over the years which I think is good & a sign of growth/maturity. 

Maybe you can relate? for instance, I have finally pulled my little GoPro Hero 5 Black from its long-forgotten box {I almost sold it} & now am LOVING using it--so much. 

I started watching a few Youtube videos pertaining to the camera's setup as well as tips to shooting with one {I really like Jake Rich's content} & then just started using it, figuring it out as I go along. 

So, if you're like me, your interests/hobbies now include your GoPro, then you must want to know how-to-take epic GoPro photos?

Cool. Here are my tips for taking awesome GoPro photos with your GoPro. 

The best GOPRO camera settings for summer

  •  Composition: Setting up your shot is one of the most important aspects of getting 'the shot' with your GoPro. For instance, taking the photo's composition into consideration is key. Looking at your setting as well as your subject & getting them to synch is a big element to getting a great shot. For instance, color coordinating your attire {or subject's} to pair with the setting really sets the tone for a great image.  

  • Framing: Framing your GoPro photos makes the photos so much more interesting. Whether you are shooting through something {tree, ladder, wave, rocks} or getting a piece of the setting closer to the lens while your subject is in the distance frames the shot nicely.  

  • RAW Setting: If possible, shoot your GoPro photos in RAW. This way, you'll have greater creative control when editing your photos in say Lightroom. 

GoPRO Camera Setting for Time-Lapse

  • Human Element: I learned this from Jake Rich's Youtube videos, adding a human element {hand, torso, etc.} in your GoPro photos makes a greater connection & resonates more with your audience/followers. 

  • Lighting: GoPros love a well-lit environment. If you're outside during a sunny to a partly sunny day, your photos are already off to a great start. Always look for the best lighting scenarios when shooting with your GoPro.   

GOPRO Underwater Settings for Hero5 Black

Additional resources I have found helpful in using my own GoPro:

~Jake Rich, Youtube 

~Peter McKinnon, Youtube 

GoPro Setting Cheat Sheet: