Eat Your Greens: How-To-Make a Healthy Salad

How-To-Make a Healthy Salad 

It seems like my whole life, I have been eating salads. I know salads may sound blah or something that should be eaten, never craved type of food/meal, but honestly, I have been eating {& loving} healthy salads my whole life. 

In case you're one of those who feel like eating salads is more of a chore instead of a treat. I have composed some go to 'tips' to making yourself a green bowl of goodness! I am not talking about the pre-mixed bags of salad chilling in the coolers of the grocery, but fresh, crispy, crunchy, & healthy salads. 

These types of salads you'll crave day after day. 

Start with Good Lettuce!

Whether you're just sick of the plain-old iceberg lettuce or wanting to eat some greens that have actual nutritional value, start with a heap of good lettuces. 

As for garden lettuce, my favorites are Butter Crunch & Leaf Lettuce. Also, I like Romaine Lettuce but let's {letucce} be real, Romaine doesn't always have the best track record. 

To get good crunchy lettuce for your salad base, shop the fresh produce/organic vegetable section of your grocery store. If possible, avoid the pre-made lettuce/salad mixtures. 

Local farmer' markets {most go into the month of October with fresh produce} is another avenue to shopping for different lettuce variations as well as a great way to eat local & support local farmers. 

Lastly, you can always grow your own lettuce. 

Just remember to always wash your lettuce before consuming it. 

Add in Color!

Eat your color. Adding in color such as tomatoes, shredded carrots, cucumbers, celery, & other veggies not only makes your salad beautiful but full of healthy additives.  

Tip, you can go bigger by adding some protein such as drained & rinsed black beans or half of an avocado. 

A Little Savory 

Personally, I always add either black olives or green olives to my salad. If you're going for a Mediterranean salad, the greek olives are good too.  

A Little Crunch 

Here's where you can get creative by adding some crunch to your salad. Personally, I love to oven roast chickpeas & then top the salad with those. However, tortilla strips or homemade croutons also add a little crunch to your healthy salad. 

Healthy Dressing 

I used to use store-bought dressing, but that is where hidden calories as well as sugars add up. Instead, make your own salad dressing. My go-to salad dressing is a simple combination of oil & vinegar with a splash of black pepper & coarse sea salt.  

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