Mask On: Wearing & Caring for Your Masks

Mask On: Wearing & Caring for Your Masks 

Wearing a mask, rubber gloves, face shield, pockets full of anti-bacterial gels as well as mentally measuring six-feet apart from others is a sign of the times. 

Truthfully, not my favorite of times, but going with the good, each day in good health is a good day. I have been tossing around the idea of creating a mask-face mask related post & just couldn't settle on what. 

how should you wash you masks?

However, finally finding a set of face masks that actually fits my face {no side gasps} as well as accepting the reality of today's times, leads me to this post, tips for caring & wearing your face mask. 

According to the CDC's website, face masks should be washed after each use. The CDC relays that masks can be laundered in your laundry. However, since a face mask has direct contact with my skin, we have been hand-washing our masks with warm soapy water & line drying.    

One product that I have found to be interesting is a face wash slash makeup brush wash called, The Wash by ANISA. So, this wash is actually a triple threat. The Wash is also suggested as a solution to wash your face masks in for those affected by maskne {mask related acne}.  

how often should you was your mask?

what should you wash you mask with?

I asked the ladies at ANISA to elaborate a bit more on how The Wash can help with skin irritations during mask-wearing. They told The Yellow Spectacles, "The Wash is the first dermatologist-tested, skin-safe brush cleanser. We believe what touches your face matters – so it makes sense that a brush cleanser is skin-friendly, given the nature of brushes and their constant contact with your skin and beauty products."

Note this article is not sponsored by ANISA. It is based on my own inquiry & testing from the gifted wash 

When answering the question, how does The Wash effectively help your skin, they shared, "The Wash has been thoughtfully formulated with natural, ethically-sourced ingredients that boast the following benefits:
  • Coconut Extract | Natural moisturizer for a more radiant and hydrated complexion.
  • Probiotic Enzyme (Lactobacillus) | Strengthens skin’s natural barrier & restores balance.
  • Vitamin B5 (Panthenol) | Hydrates while aiding in skin repair and promotes a healthy, vibrant complexion.
  • Jojoba Oil | Protects and nourishes skin and fibers.
  • Aloe Extract | Moisturizes, hydrates and strengthens skin and fibers.
  • Amethyst Extract | Offers revitalizing, soothing, and brightening benefits. 
Of course, washing your face as well as your face mask is just one of life's everyday chores. Chores shouldn't be daunting or meaningless motions. The Wash is sustainably made. I asked ANISA's team to elaborate on that too. They said, "We have consciously-sourced sustainable ingredients, including naturally-derived Amethyst, Coconut, and Glycerin. Our skin-safe formula is vegan, cruelty-free, & manufactured in the U.S." 

For more information on washing, removing, & caring for your mask, you can read more about the CDC's guidelines, here

Aside from washing your face coverings, wearing them {over your nose & mouth} is another part of today's norm. I find that when I am in the car, I typically remove my mask & place inside a designated zip lock baggy. However, I made a lanyard for my face mask which is helpful to drape around your neck when you're in an area where a mask isn't needed {like your car or social distancing outdoors}.  

To make your own face mask lanyard you'll need:

  • Parachute Cord
  • Cord Locks/Stops
  • Lanyard Hooks
  • Pony Beads for decoration {optional}  
I found all of these supplies at Joanne Fabrics. Basically, I measured the parachute cord out to be about forty-six inches & doubled that for the lanyard. 

At each end, I knotted the lanyard hooks onto the ends so that mask can be attached. The last step was adding the cord lock on the end of the lanyard {after the lanyard hooks have been knotted on}. This way, you can draw your lanyard to be as loose or tight as you like.  If you're feeling extra cute, adding a little row of pony beads on one side of your lanyard is fun too.