Summer on Film: Quarantine Home Edition

Summer on Film: Quarantine Home Edition

To keep it short {I know you have sunsets to catch & ripe watermelons to savor} this summer has been different than most--abnormal if you will.

However, abnormal doesn't have to be entirely bad, abnormal inspires us to get a little creative when the going gets tough or rather when it is hard to get going anywhere.

Picking up a film camera & shooting around your home is one way to get creative with your photos--summertime or not.

The thing I like about shooting with film is that it is not perfect, but rather pretty imperfect. All of these photos are pretty much not perfect, but that's what gives them character & charm.

P.S. It's also fun to come up with little names for each photo as they're one-of-kind.

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Happy Summer.!

Summertime in Ohio on a Film Camera
Summer Blueberry 

Fruit {Bike} Basket 

Dreamy Drip 

Fuzzy Peaches 

Summertime as captured on a Film Camera
Spike Bike 

Life is Good 

Barbie of Paradise 

Pura Vida 


Barbie's Flat Lay 

Tropical Lovers 

Bucket {Hat} Lady 

Lilacs Don't Lie