Halloween Baking: Skater Skeltons Sugar Cookies

Halloween Baking: Skater Skeltons Sugar Cookies 

Believe it or not, I haven't been baking the past few months. Once the pool opened, I said to the kitchen, 'Bye Felica!' & didn't look back. 

However, with summer nowhere insight, I really wanted to do a re-take on my last year's tiny ghost cookies. Maybe it's my inner 7th grader wanting to relive my childhood Avril Lavigne phase, but I was always a bit fascinated with skateboards & board sports. While my skateboard skills are non-existent, these super cute skating skellies have some mad skills!

Baking Skeleton Sugar Cookies for Halloween Parties

While baking these little dudes is pretty straight forward, I do have a few tips to creating your own skateboarding tiny skeleton sugar cookies. 

The Type of Dough Mix Matters:

I used a pre-mix sugar cookie mix, the Betty Crocker kind & the cookies turned out far better than when I used the log Pillsbury sugar cookie dough found in the freezer/dairy aisle at the grocer. 

When making sugar cookies at home, I found the smaller the cookie-cutter & thinner the rolled dough makes for the best bake shape post-baking.  When I made the first batch with the pre-made Pillsbury dough, the bakes lost most of their shape during the baking time & obviously didn't look much like anything. 

Skeleton Sugar Cookies for Halloween

Simple Decorating Method: 

When it came to decorating these guys, I hade a few skeleton cookie images save from Pinterest that I followed, but as I went on, I liked the more Avant-Garde cookie decorating look. For the Halloween cookie presentation, I found these finger skateboards in this year's Target Dollar Spot. For a $1 I think I got six or so skateboards which are the perfect size for these tiny skateboarding skeletons. 

Judy Gold said it the best:

Halloween is opportunity to be really creative.

Final Steps:

After decorating, I set the completed bakes inside the frig to chill for a few moments before safely packing them into a parchment paper linen container. 

Happy Hauntings & Happy Baking! For more creative ideas, follow me on Instagram @ Katelynchef