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Disney Happy Hour : LNR Crochet Designs

April 29, 2016

While I wish to say I was sipping this mock-tail margarita from The Magic Kingdom--I am not--sadly. However, I can't complain with my sunny surroundings as the temps here have spiked & Mr. Sunshine has come out to play. At last!!!!!

So, it's the perfect opportunity  for me to breakout my knitted Minnie Mouse drink cozy from LNR Crochet Designs--an Etsy shop that makes adorable crochet cozies for your ice coffees right down to your hot cappuccinos.

Minnie Mouse Cozy via LNR Crochet Designs 

Lauren Raulerson hand makes all her cozies in her Etsy shop. Depending on the time of the year, Lauren switches up what kind of cozies she sells.

Look for trendy cacti, cute watermelons, Disney characters, Star Wars influencers, flamingos, & more in her shop--all are uniquely adorable.

Thank You Lauren for gifting the Minnie Mouse Cozy

What else is adorable? Disney that's what...have any of you seen the new Disney movie, The Jungle Book or are you anticipating the 2nd Alice in Wonderland: Through The Looking Glass with Johnny Depp? I know am excited!

It's officially cool for adults to love Disney & what is not to love? I have become a reader of the blog, Disney Style--have you heard of them? They are kinda-big!

It's such a fun site, because Disney Style writes about all current & trending topics {like Coachella}, but with a Disney twist.

After a long bike ride...

My favorite part {aside from the fashion anatomy of a Disney character} are their quizes.

Recently, I took a quiz called, "What's Your Disney Aura?" & I just have to share my results because it hit the nail on the head--literally, even my spirit color is 'Belle Buttery Yellow'!' Um, what's the name of my blog again?....lol...Take the quiz & tell me your Disney Aura!! I really want to know.

Well, Happy Friday friends...I hope you join me in rejoicing in the fact that Disney is better than ever before-until next time,me & my Minnie cozy will be chillin' right here.

Follow Lauren & her designs on Instagram @LNRCrochetdesigns & contact her via email: lauren_raulerson@aol.com

Thanks for reading, you can find more Yellow on Twitter @chef_katelyn

Little Things Lately

April 25, 2016

Lately, The Yellow Spectacles has had some big posts & big ideas.

Which is of course, a champagne problem. However, once in a while it's good {as Martha Stewart would say, "It's A Good Thing,"} to slow it down & focus on the little things lately.

So, here is a list of life's little things lately that have been on my mind....

1. Beep. Beep. The Lilly Jeep. So, living in the not-so-sunny {at least not-always sunny} part of the States, I have wondered what it'd be like to actually see {let alone ride in} the iconic Lilly Pulitzer Jeep. This year, the LP Jeeps took their finale tour before reTIRING the prints that the jeeps were painted in. Pretty cool/clever...right?
What is also pretty cool is the Lilly Pulitzer App. Of course, it's the most vibrantly coastal app you could ever wish to download. My favorite feature on the app is the "Squeeze Me''  option {looks like an orange slice}---it reveals a fancy Lilly photo/or print. Each day, the photo/print is new & makes for great background & screensaver inspiration--btw! Plus, the app gives you the current temp of the original Lilly home location, Palm Beach, FL. Ya know, in case the weather just sucks where you live, LOL.

2. Tsum Tsum. I'm an adult--I swear, but that doesn't mean that the wonderful world of Disney doesn't have any less of an impact on me. Have you seen the latest Disney craze called, Tsum, Tsum? They are tiny, little stuffed mini versions of all the Disney characters we grew up with. Tsumu is a Japanese verb, meaning, to stack--so, I am guessing you are suppose to stack these little guys. Although, {I find} they're cute enough to sit on your desk & stare at when you have writer's block.
 p.s. they come in plush & plastic versions.    

3. A Color Story. I am all about photo editing & finding new, easy-to-use photo editing apps are my fav. Have your tried A Color Story? If not, you're missing out. The app is free to download & they have 'freebie' editing flitters & tools, but there are also packages you can purchase individually too. Which I have done.
To be brief, A Color Story { for both Apple & Android devices} is a photo editing app with 100 + filters, 40+ effects, & 20 + editing tools. The app takes your pictures to a cool, vibrant, & colorful levels. A lot of the photos I post & use here have been edited with this app.

4. Grandpa. This time last year, my grandpa passed away. Going through the ups & downs has been difficult, but I can say with sole certainty that I'd do it all over again just to sit down & talk to him one last time. Shortly before he passed  last year, I was thinking how lucky I was to be 25 & still have a grandpa. Without getting too personal, his absence this past year, although he was sick { & not entirely himself} I have realized what a strong presence he was in my life & I am still learning on how to fill that void--which I have realized won't be entirely filled--he is greatly missed, but greatly {yes, still} appreciated & loved.

& that's little things lately...

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Let's Be Mermaids: Seatails

April 22, 2016

Allow me to tail  you a little deep blue secret...way before mermaids ever became a thing...I have always been a big believer in mermaids.

No, really I have. True, it all began with Ariel, but really my love for mermaids goes beyond the deep. There is something to believing in a magical sea creator that dwells under the waves & when the moon casts its light on the rocky shore; it illuminates the image of a fish tail women combing her long beachy locks with a shell. Or at least in my mind that's how the story of a mermaid goes.

Now, that it is socially acceptable to have friends with fins--I am supper excited to introduce to you the online shop called, Seatail.

Seatail Shop, is an online merchant where all the mermaids go to buy new tails. Seriously, the company creates the softest blankets {in kids & adults sizes} that look like actual mermaid tails.

These tail blankets allow you to slip your lower torso into the plush blanket & curl up cozy mermaid style.  


Pink Magenta & Midnight Blue 
Just like mermaids, Seatail creates tail blankets in various color combinations.
I have to say, that the Coral Pink & Green is adorable in the traditional mermaid style. However, Seatail has created a more 'glamorous' tail in a Silver knit with tiny sparkly sequins!

You'll see in this post, Seatail gifted The Yellow Spectacles with their Magenta Pink & Midnight Blue tail.

super-soft fleece fabric 
My tail is actually a children's size, but I'm 5'3 so it kinda works for me. If you're curious if you'd need an adult tail or a child size tail here are the measurements:

  • Kids: Ages: 3-13. Measures 58'' Tall X 20 Wide at top {40'' circumference opening}
  • Teen/Adult: 73'' Tall X 28 Wide at top { 56 '' circumference opening}    

Do you believe in mermaids
Basically, these tails are darling to cuddle up in on the couch or perfect for those chilly nights sitting on the beach watching the sunset & the mermaids perch on their rocks.

Be a mermaid in your everyday life & follow Seatail on their social feeds:

If you're looking for some magical reads here are a few of my favorite mermaid tails:

  • Indigo by Helen Dunmore 
  • The Little Mermaid by Hans Christian Anderson (a tear jerker!) 
  • Aquamarine by Alice Hoffman 
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Spring Prints: In Collaboration With Blog, Preppy Miss

April 18, 2016

Hey! Happy Spring!

Seriously, I hope it's a happy one! This Spring Print Post is in collaboration with the preppy blog, called,  Preppy Miss & the blogger gal behind it, Ashley.

Basically, you are getting a two for one deal. Together, Ashley & I have each come up with our own unique take on our favorite spring print trend{s}.

So, after you kindly check out my post--you can then click over to Ashley's blog & see her take.

Sometime's it's fun to expand your horizons & see how others spin their own views.

My spring print trend is a simple black tee paired with athletic pink print pants {from Target} & butterfly Kate Spade & Keds shoes.

These pants are light weight & a cheerful yet cool print--perfect for spring & the shoes....well, I love anything Kate Spade.

Kate Spade & Keds 

Of course, an Apple iWatch goes well with anything.

Happy Spring & be sure to read Ashley's post & checkout her Insta feed too @preppymiss

& shop similar looks here!

& Come Back Friday for a Special Mermaid Infused Post!

Resort 365: Bathroom Edition

April 15, 2016

I know I am not the only one who like to transform my indoors as our outdoors change during springtime. Just like spring, I insist that the inside of my home to be bright, re-freshed, cheery, colorful, & welcoming.

Bathe in Pink


Tiger Lilly
This means, cleaning out closets, straightening drawers, changing bedspreads, & shower curtains...are you on the same page?

Recently, I hit the 'refresh' button in my upstairs bathroom. Okay, the refresh button looks a little like a 'resort 365 Lilly Pulitzer' button.

Resort 365


But hey, a bathroom isn't a bathroom without a few shells, a mermaid, & some clean towels. Seriously though, my bathroom isn't that large. It's splitin two parts:

One part, a Jack & Jill sink with dull vanity and a wall of shelves.

The second part, the bathtub/shower combo, toilet,  linen closet & a window.  Both parts have a tiled floor.

Behind the toliet

Let's put it this way, it's big enough to keep tidy & clean--the way a bathroom should be!

Garnett Hill had a recent home line collaboration with Lilly Pulitzer {I am not sure if they'll renew their collab} but I bought my 'Tiger Lilly' print shower curtain  during their January 2016 clearance --it was a real bargain.

History in High Heels Lilly 'Oh Shift!' print 
OH Shell-O!
& you guessed it, the shower curtain is the room's focal point. So, I designed everything else around it's color scheme { pinks, blues, & greens}.

If this little bathroom refreshing post has you inspired then I am really glad.

Note* I keep all my old eyeglasses in a shadow box

I love saying, 'Shell-O' to my fun bathroom every time I go inside. Thanks for reading!

Vineyard Vines 

A Mermaid's Touch 

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The Taste of Spring: Fancy Pufs Cotton Candy

April 11, 2016

Oh la la...it's smells & looks a lot like spring out there! But what if I told you it tastes like spring too? Or rather you could taste a bit of spring for yourself? True, you now can with the magical fairy floss {aka cotton candy} from the creme de la creme cotton candy confectioner, Fancy Pufs 
{yes, with one 'f'}.

Fancy Pufs is...Sweet. Flavorful. Evolving. 
Fancy Pufs is a business that dreams are made from--literally. They are Canadian based business who packs a whole lot of flavor & big dose of pretty into every candy-coated creation.

"Fancy Pufs appeal to all ages by default, & any & every occasion!"Fancy Pufs. 

True, Fancy Pufs retails cotton candy in every flavor {think birthday cake to pomegranate}, but what they are really good at is making your sorrier fancy--go figure.

Fancy Flavors
Cotton Candy is always on trend, but Fancy Pufs spins their blend a little differently. They make their fairy floss with all-natural, gluten free, organic sugars. Naturally, you feel fancy & guilt free when your biting into the cloud-soft yet just amount of sweet treat.

" Fancy Pufs appeal to all ages by default, & any & every occasion! "-Michelle, lead cotton candy confectioner.  
Michelle {lead Fancy Puf fairy floss creator} was sweet enough to send over a variety of yummy flavors for me to taste & to share with you--can I recommend the mango & the vanilla?

created via word dream

I have to say, I am huge admirer of pretty packaging & Fancy Puf does not disappoint in this department. Each flavor was presented in a glass jar, brand logo on the front, & flavor printed on the top of the jar. They came neatly packed in a white box & pink shredded paper-packing.  It was beyond darling!

Along with sending some treats, Michelle was also up to sharing some of her candy making wisdom--just in case you are on the verge of making/aspiring to create the next sweetest thing.

The Yellow Spectacles: Growing up did you always imagine you'd be in the cotton candy/event planning business?

Michelle: No I did not!...I ended up obtaining an Honors Degree in Human Resource Management. I began my career in the corporate world, which was great. I liked my job, I learnt a lot of amazing things and I met wonderful people people along the way, but I never was fully satisfied.
...I took a risk & ran with It! I haven't looked back since. Perusing Fancy Pufs was the best decision of my entire life thus far!

Lychee Flavor 
TYS:In your opinion, what sets Fancy Pufs apart from other cotton candy creators/confectioners?

M: I think our branding is what sets us apart. We have worked hard to create a brand & interested in our mission to bring cotton candy back! Our spin on traditional cotton floss excites people.
"We offer 100% organic, gluten-free, nut-free, all natural products. We serve a wide range of flavours & we are able to customize any special treat!"-Michelle, Fancy Pufs
TYS: In your fancy opinion, what is the best event {if not all} for cotton candy?

M: The best part about Fancy Pufs is that the sky is the limit. Our products & services can be completely customized from packaging, colors, flavors, as well as the look & feel of our mobile cart service. Fancy Pufs appeal to all ages by default, & any & every occasion!

If you are curious as to how many flavors & what flavors Fancy Pufs {Or as Michelle calls them, Flavours} offers click, HERE!

& to get a little fancy yourself, follow FP on Twitter & Facebook &/or drop Michelle a line, HERE.


Preppy Spring Rain Boots

April 8, 2016

A Preppy Rain Boot 
Spring showers often {&always} bring spring flowers. However, in order to get to the good stuff--the flowers we have to endure a few rain storms & afternoon drizzles.

Personally, I don't mind spring showers--anything is better than snow. Plus, when you have a selection of rain boots to splash the puddles away the whole spring to rain situation is doable. Really.

Boots full of tulips 

If you're like me, then you HATE heavy & clunky rain boots. The ones here in this post, I bought at TJ Maxx & they are really light-weight. I added the bows to the back, because, well...it's cute. I get a lot of compliments of these cuties....so, let it rain...I am ready!

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Southern Girl Prep: Preppy Rep

April 1, 2016

Officially I can wish you a Happy Spring! With the weather breaking {I'm Loving It!} I am breaking out the short sleeves, shorts, and spring shoes--what about you?

I have to confess, in my daily life I like to dress casually comfy--meaning I am usually running errands, brainstorming blogging ideas, writing for my other jobs or chasing the pups--so, I like to be dressed for the occasion.

Link to free preppy stickers 
I have been lucky enough to partner up with the southern, preppy, happy-go-lucky brand, Southern Girl Prep {SGP}.

They are so sweet & I love their sunny disposition--better yet, their logo is a dog with a seersucker bow.

SGP is on Instagram @sgprep

SGP represents the easy & good part of life--they love all things monogramed, seersucker, sweet-tea, front porch swings, ribbons & bows--so, they probably have a lot in common with you too!


In this post, feel free to bring on {& browse} the sunny-side of spring {we'll chat about April's showers later on}.

There is plenty of prep to go around.

Feel free to email me & follow me on Instagram @Katelynchef if you'd like a SGP sticker--I'll see what I can do.

Enjoy the ride tee

*sticker quantities are limited. First come basis.*

Enjoy the ride & I hope you enjoy this post! Until next time.

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