Disney Happy Hour : LNR Crochet Designs

While I wish to say I was sipping this mock-tail margarita from The Magic Kingdom--I am not--sadly. However, I can't complain with my sunny surroundings as the temps here have spiked & Mr. Sunshine has come out to play. At last!!!!!

So, it's the perfect opportunity  for me to breakout my knitted Minnie Mouse drink cozy from LNR Crochet Designs--an Etsy shop that makes adorable crochet cozies for your ice coffees right down to your hot cappuccinos.

Minnie Mouse Cozy via LNR Crochet Designs 

Lauren Raulerson hand makes all her cozies in her Etsy shop. Depending on the time of the year, Lauren switches up what kind of cozies she sells.

Look for trendy cacti, cute watermelons, Disney characters, Star Wars influencers, flamingos, & more in her shop--all are uniquely adorable.

Thank You Lauren for gifting the Minnie Mouse Cozy

What else is adorable? Disney that's what...have any of you seen the new Disney movie, The Jungle Book or are you anticipating the 2nd Alice in Wonderland: Through The Looking Glass with Johnny Depp? I know am excited!

It's officially cool for adults to love Disney & what is not to love? I have become a reader of the blog, Disney Style--have you heard of them? They are kinda-big!

It's such a fun site, because Disney Style writes about all current & trending topics {like Coachella}, but with a Disney twist.

After a long bike ride...

My favorite part {aside from the fashion anatomy of a Disney character} are their quizes.

Recently, I took a quiz called, "What's Your Disney Aura?" & I just have to share my results because it hit the nail on the head--literally, even my spirit color is 'Belle Buttery Yellow'!' Um, what's the name of my blog again?....lol...Take the quiz & tell me your Disney Aura!! I really want to know.

Well, Happy Friday friends...I hope you join me in rejoicing in the fact that Disney is better than ever before-until next time,me & my Minnie cozy will be chillin' right here.

Follow Lauren & her designs on Instagram @LNRCrochetdesigns & contact her via email: lauren_raulerson@aol.com

Thanks for reading, you can find more Yellow on Twitter @chef_katelyn


  1. How cute is that Minnie cozie! I'm going to check out her Etsy shop!

    Doused In Pink

  2. Hi! Can I just say, your blog is stunning! There is so much happy energy here! Great job!

  3. Love all the spring like colors!!🌺

  4. What a cute cozy you have! And i took the quiz, and I'm belle too haha How fun!

    -Lily from With Love Lily Rose