Little Things Lately

Lately, The Yellow Spectacles has had some big posts & big ideas.

Which is of course, a champagne problem. However, once in a while it's good {as Martha Stewart would say, "It's A Good Thing,"} to slow it down & focus on the little things lately.

So, here is a list of life's little things lately that have been on my mind....

1. Beep. Beep. The Lilly Jeep. So, living in the not-so-sunny {at least not-always sunny} part of the States, I have wondered what it'd be like to actually see {let alone ride in} the iconic Lilly Pulitzer Jeep. This year, the LP Jeeps took their finale tour before reTIRING the prints that the jeeps were painted in. Pretty cool/clever...right?
What is also pretty cool is the Lilly Pulitzer App. Of course, it's the most vibrantly coastal app you could ever wish to download. My favorite feature on the app is the "Squeeze Me''  option {looks like an orange slice}---it reveals a fancy Lilly photo/or print. Each day, the photo/print is new & makes for great background & screensaver inspiration--btw! Plus, the app gives you the current temp of the original Lilly home location, Palm Beach, FL. Ya know, in case the weather just sucks where you live, LOL.

2. Tsum Tsum. I'm an adult--I swear, but that doesn't mean that the wonderful world of Disney doesn't have any less of an impact on me. Have you seen the latest Disney craze called, Tsum, Tsum? They are tiny, little stuffed mini versions of all the Disney characters we grew up with. Tsumu is a Japanese verb, meaning, to stack--so, I am guessing you are suppose to stack these little guys. Although, {I find} they're cute enough to sit on your desk & stare at when you have writer's block.
 p.s. they come in plush & plastic versions.    

3. A Color Story. I am all about photo editing & finding new, easy-to-use photo editing apps are my fav. Have your tried A Color Story? If not, you're missing out. The app is free to download & they have 'freebie' editing flitters & tools, but there are also packages you can purchase individually too. Which I have done.
To be brief, A Color Story { for both Apple & Android devices} is a photo editing app with 100 + filters, 40+ effects, & 20 + editing tools. The app takes your pictures to a cool, vibrant, & colorful levels. A lot of the photos I post & use here have been edited with this app.

4. Grandpa. This time last year, my grandpa passed away. Going through the ups & downs has been difficult, but I can say with sole certainty that I'd do it all over again just to sit down & talk to him one last time. Shortly before he passed  last year, I was thinking how lucky I was to be 25 & still have a grandpa. Without getting too personal, his absence this past year, although he was sick { & not entirely himself} I have realized what a strong presence he was in my life & I am still learning on how to fill that void--which I have realized won't be entirely filled--he is greatly missed, but greatly {yes, still} appreciated & loved.

& that's little things lately...

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  1. I didn't know about A Color Story; thanks for the heads-up. Sorry about losing your grandpa last year. I know even though mine has been gone 15-plus years it can still be hard sometimes. I like to think about our memories and lessons he taught me so his memory lives on. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thank you Marette! Really appreciate your kind-words.-Katelyn xo

  2. I loved that you shared the app, it looks like it is very cool and i am so sorry for your Grandpa, I can be sure he is in a better place. Have a nice day!

    My Vogue Style |

    1. Yes, a color story is one of my favorites--I think they have their own IG page to show how users use their product too-Katelyn

  3. Your Grandpa must have been such a great influence in your life! Thanks for sharing your memories of him.


  4. Such cute little things here, I didn't even know there were a Lilly Pulitzer app? And the photo editing app sounds cool, must try it out!

    I'm sorry about your grandpa. I lost my grandma this year too and it was an emotional time.
    Hope you have a great rest of your week sweetie.

    -Lily from With Love Lily Rose

  5. Aw your grandpa seemed like an amazing person. It's always hard losing someone but remembering the great memories really helps :)