Let's Be Mermaids: Seatails

Allow me to tail  you a little deep blue secret...way before mermaids ever became a thing...I have always been a big believer in mermaids.

No, really I have. True, it all began with Ariel, but really my love for mermaids goes beyond the deep. There is something to believing in a magical sea creator that dwells under the waves & when the moon casts its light on the rocky shore; it illuminates the image of a fish tail women combing her long beachy locks with a shell. Or at least in my mind that's how the story of a mermaid goes.

Now, that it is socially acceptable to have friends with fins--I am supper excited to introduce to you the online shop called, Seatail.

Seatail Shop, is an online merchant where all the mermaids go to buy new tails. Seriously, the company creates the softest blankets {in kids & adults sizes} that look like actual mermaid tails.

These tail blankets allow you to slip your lower torso into the plush blanket & curl up cozy mermaid style.  


Pink Magenta & Midnight Blue 
Just like mermaids, Seatail creates tail blankets in various color combinations.
I have to say, that the Coral Pink & Green is adorable in the traditional mermaid style. However, Seatail has created a more 'glamorous' tail in a Silver knit with tiny sparkly sequins!

You'll see in this post, Seatail gifted The Yellow Spectacles with their Magenta Pink & Midnight Blue tail.

super-soft fleece fabric 
My tail is actually a children's size, but I'm 5'3 so it kinda works for me. If you're curious if you'd need an adult tail or a child size tail here are the measurements:

  • Kids: Ages: 3-13. Measures 58'' Tall X 20 Wide at top {40'' circumference opening}
  • Teen/Adult: 73'' Tall X 28 Wide at top { 56 '' circumference opening}    

Do you believe in mermaids
Basically, these tails are darling to cuddle up in on the couch or perfect for those chilly nights sitting on the beach watching the sunset & the mermaids perch on their rocks.

Be a mermaid in your everyday life & follow Seatail on their social feeds:

If you're looking for some magical reads here are a few of my favorite mermaid tails:

  • Indigo by Helen Dunmore 
  • The Little Mermaid by Hans Christian Anderson (a tear jerker!) 
  • Aquamarine by Alice Hoffman 
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    1. This is so cool! I could see these being really popular with kids or tweens! Great post :)

      (I had to repost this because of a typo!)


    2. LOL-that happens (typo) to me too! Thanks Martha-Katelyn xoxox

  2. I love mermaids too and my sister's name is Ariel. How perfect! <3 Love these cute items here Katelyn. Hope you have a great weekend!

    -Lily from With Love Lily Rose

    1. Lily-That's is so cute! Love both of the names your parents picked out for you!--Katelyn

  3. How whimsical and cute!

    Tori A. from Prep For A Day

  4. It's such an original idea!


  5. How cute! My daughter would LOVE this!

    1. Thanks for reading Audrey! --isn't the blanket/tail concept really sweet!? -Katelyn

  6. How cute! My daughter would LOVE this!

  7. I absolutely love this, my daughter would be so cozy & warm in hawaii's winter season. ��

  8. I love these sea tails! I'm only 5'1 so I guess the kids size would be perfect for me too:)