Preppy Stickers: Southern Girl Prep

Can I just say that the month of May is my most favorite month?

It really is--the flowers & trees are at their peak with buds & blooms. The weather is lovely, pools begin to open & summer is so close you can almost taste it.

May is also my birthday month, but we'll get into that later...

If you follow Instagram accounts that have a preppy personality then you have noticed that they all have their own forms of stickers. Preppy stickers just remind me of summer, sun, & all around fun!

SGP is on Twitter @Southergprep
Preppy people really love stickers--I can say that I understand why as their stickers {think Vineyard Vines, Lauren James, Marley Lilly, & Southern Girl Prep} all have their own stickers--which are mini works of art by each brand's graphic design department.

SGP Stickers
Some people like to collect-others trade. Recently, I found myself with a wide variety of preppy stickers thanks to Southern Girl Prep. Really, each one is like a work of art & all very happy.

You can find more info on SGP's prep stickers, Here  & a while ago the preppy blogger, Gracie from Gracie in Prep {she was featured on The Yellow Specs last summer} wrote an interesting post on how to go about building your preppy sticker collection. You can read that, Here.

Meanwhile, I am trying to decide what SGP sticker is my personal's a toss between the macaroon one &/or the dog inside the pink car one?

What about you?

With it being May, checkout this fun to-do list on All For Color's blog, Color Ave {written by someone you know, wink wink} & get your own blank May calendar download HERE.

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  1. So many cute things! I am also looking forward to this month! So exciting that this is your bday month!

  2. I love the enjoy the ride one! So cute!

  3. I love your blog! Your style is so fun!!

    1. Hi Mallory, LOL thanks so much & for reading/commenting. Such a surprise!

      All the best,


  4. cute cards and illustrations!

    Have a great week!
    Animated Confessions

  5. Ah such fun things! I love all the happy colors here. Hope you have a great week ahead pretty!

    -Lily from With Love Lily Rose

  6. I love all of those stickers! They're adorable! I absolutely love preppy stickers. My collection is really starting to grow! ;)

    xo, Natalie

  7. These stickers are too cute - I love the pretty pastel colors!


  8. These preppy stickers are so cute and fun, lovely!


  9. Loving all of these adorable stickers! Especially the macaron ones!


    1. Hah aha ..Yes, The macaroon ones are scrumptious! -Katelyn

  10. Stickers are so much fun! I love the ones that KJP has, perfect summery sticker!