The Taste of Spring: Fancy Pufs Cotton Candy

Oh la's smells & looks a lot like spring out there! But what if I told you it tastes like spring too? Or rather you could taste a bit of spring for yourself? True, you now can with the magical fairy floss {aka cotton candy} from the creme de la creme cotton candy confectioner, Fancy Pufs 
{yes, with one 'f'}.

Fancy Pufs is...Sweet. Flavorful. Evolving. 
Fancy Pufs is a business that dreams are made from--literally. They are Canadian based business who packs a whole lot of flavor & big dose of pretty into every candy-coated creation.

"Fancy Pufs appeal to all ages by default, & any & every occasion!"Fancy Pufs. 

True, Fancy Pufs retails cotton candy in every flavor {think birthday cake to pomegranate}, but what they are really good at is making your sorrier fancy--go figure.

Fancy Flavors
Cotton Candy is always on trend, but Fancy Pufs spins their blend a little differently. They make their fairy floss with all-natural, gluten free, organic sugars. Naturally, you feel fancy & guilt free when your biting into the cloud-soft yet just amount of sweet treat.

" Fancy Pufs appeal to all ages by default, & any & every occasion! "-Michelle, lead cotton candy confectioner.  
Michelle {lead Fancy Puf fairy floss creator} was sweet enough to send over a variety of yummy flavors for me to taste & to share with you--can I recommend the mango & the vanilla?

created via word dream

I have to say, I am huge admirer of pretty packaging & Fancy Puf does not disappoint in this department. Each flavor was presented in a glass jar, brand logo on the front, & flavor printed on the top of the jar. They came neatly packed in a white box & pink shredded paper-packing.  It was beyond darling!

Along with sending some treats, Michelle was also up to sharing some of her candy making wisdom--just in case you are on the verge of making/aspiring to create the next sweetest thing.

The Yellow Spectacles: Growing up did you always imagine you'd be in the cotton candy/event planning business?

Michelle: No I did not!...I ended up obtaining an Honors Degree in Human Resource Management. I began my career in the corporate world, which was great. I liked my job, I learnt a lot of amazing things and I met wonderful people people along the way, but I never was fully satisfied.
...I took a risk & ran with It! I haven't looked back since. Perusing Fancy Pufs was the best decision of my entire life thus far!

Lychee Flavor 
TYS:In your opinion, what sets Fancy Pufs apart from other cotton candy creators/confectioners?

M: I think our branding is what sets us apart. We have worked hard to create a brand & interested in our mission to bring cotton candy back! Our spin on traditional cotton floss excites people.
"We offer 100% organic, gluten-free, nut-free, all natural products. We serve a wide range of flavours & we are able to customize any special treat!"-Michelle, Fancy Pufs
TYS: In your fancy opinion, what is the best event {if not all} for cotton candy?

M: The best part about Fancy Pufs is that the sky is the limit. Our products & services can be completely customized from packaging, colors, flavors, as well as the look & feel of our mobile cart service. Fancy Pufs appeal to all ages by default, & any & every occasion!

If you are curious as to how many flavors & what flavors Fancy Pufs {Or as Michelle calls them, Flavours} offers click, HERE!

& to get a little fancy yourself, follow FP on Twitter & Facebook &/or drop Michelle a line, HERE.



  1. I need some of this in my life!! I love it!! Looks so darn good. haha


  2. That looks amazing, and so pretty! I want to try all the flavors there!

    -Lily from With Love Lily Rose

  3. I think my favorite part about this is the serving size! Not too much, but not too little... delicious! (:

  4. These cotton candy looks delicious and so pretty!


  5. I'm back again and still want some of this cotton candy!! :p