Homemade Deep Dish Pizza

Homemade small Deep Dish Pizza

Homemade Deep Dish Pizza

You know the feeling when your eyes swell {with anticipation} like a big pizza pie as you quickly whip back the cardboard pizza box? Inside the contents are smoldering with red sauce, melty-cheese,  &maybe some Italian herbs sprinkled on-top. Your pizza craving is about to be smashed. 

Deep dish pizza, like the famous Chicago deep dish pizza that Emily, from Emily in Paris, parents thoughtfully send her during her year abroad is a specialty pizza of sorts.

Maybe you're more of a thin-crust downtown South Beach, Miami type of pizza lover. Or possibly, you love to mix your pizza order up a bit instead opting for some thick-crust pizza?

Either way, you can always order to match your craving. However, homemade pizza can be just as delicious. 

personal pan pizza recipe
Personal Pan Pizza Recipe 

Traditional pizza sauce
Target's Traditional Pizza Sauce 

mini deep dish pizza

I make pizza at home for my family often & I do it with specialty store-bought shells from a local Italian grocer, but more than likely, there is a similar grocery store/market near you.

Homemade deep dish pizza isn't a chore or time sucker to make. In fact, prep time aside, it only takes 10-12 minutes to bake the pizza on an oven around 400 degree f {but always read your own package cooking instructions}. 

fork and knife cutting a pizza
Homemade Deep Dish Pizza Recipe 

What Goes On My Deep Dish Pizza?

  • Pizza Sauce, the Good & Gather Pizza Sauce from Target
  • Thinly chopped onion 
  • Sliced tomatoes 
  • Italian seasoning-light!
  • A sprinkle of sugar once sauce + veggies are onto of the shell
  • Sprinkle low fat mozzarella cheese
hot pizza out of the oven
Hot pizza out of the oven 

After the pizza has baked, say, 1-12 minutes--I gauge it by the cheese evenly melting & the crust puffing up turning golden brown, I take it out & slice with a pizza cutter. 

These deep dish pizza shells are mini-personal sized, but are extremely filling. Coming in a pack of four, everyone typically gets their own personal deep dish pizza. 

personal pizza recipe

slice of pizza
Homemade pizza 

Fun fact, April 5th is National Deep Dish Pizza Day, but when you're craving it outside of this date, you can now make it yourself. 


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Homemade Deep Dish Pizza Recipe
Homemade deep dish pizza recipe 

Personal pan deep dish pizza recipe
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