DIY Paper {Plate} Daisies

paper daisy with pink center

DIY Paper {Plate} Daisies 

Mother Knows Best. So does Mother Nature. Does it look like spring where you're at? I know it takes a while for Mother Nature to come out in full bloom. Luckily, crafty ideas, like paper daisies constructed from paper plates can fill in the gaps until she really gets blooming. 

Spring aside, Mother's Day is a perfect occasion for pulling out the glue gun to make some decorations for your Mother's Day brunch! 

You know I love an easy-breezy paper plate craft. Here is a quick & easy Springtime-Mother's Day craft, DIY Paper {plate} Daisies! 

paper daisy with yellow center
large paper daisy 

Mother's Day flower craft ideas

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  • Small paper plates 
  • construction paper {white & then springtime colors}
  • Hot glue/glue gun
  • Twine
Mother's Day paper flower art projects

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  • Step One, Cut Out Daisy Petals: If you have a mug {who doesn't} trace the brim of your mug to make a pattern for your daisy petals. After all of your petals are cut out, glue the petals aka circles around the edge of your small paper plate.
  • Daisy Centers: Next, take your spring-theme colors, trace circle pattern again & cutout the center's for your Daisy flowers. Glue the colorful circle in the middle of your paper plate. 
  • Add Twine: You can ether hole-punch & tie twine on the back of your paper plate or glue gun it on. This way, you can dangle & suspend your paper plate daisies from just about anywhere! 
Making these paper plate daisies is really easy. After you get a bunch of circles cut out, you can really create a bunch of them in a short amount of time. 

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Happy Spring & Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers! 

springtime paper flowers
paper plate daisies 

large daisy made from paper
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