A Year {Reading} Elin Hilderbrand

Elin hildebrand books

A Year {Reading} Elin Hilderbrand 

After reading a year's worth of Elin Hilderbrand novels, I have come to expect that there is always a secret {or two} waiting around a cobblestone Nantucket street corner

In grade school, there were books that I enjoyed reading, I wasn't a heavy reader. However, Harry Potter, The Private Novel Series, Pretty Little Liars, the Mary Kate & Ashley Books, Goosebumps, & others were novels I enjoyed keeping up with.  

Somewhere along the late high school & college years, I fell out of my writing grove. However, today & a few years recently, I have made reading, every night a priority. 

What am I reading? These are mostly light novels, a few text-heavy photography books {horses, photography itself, & cars}, memoirs, & other books. When I am not reading a book, I keep up with my favorite online publications that cover topics ranging from fashion, & fitness, to photography. 

Personal reading goals
What Happens in Paradise Elin Hilderbrand 

{These are my favorite online publications to learn & improve photography}.

I have found, making reading at least two to three chapters a night or a minimum of three articles an evening has not only inspired my writing but has inspired my overall interest{s} & creative ambitions.  

This past summer, a pool friend lent me her entire Elin Hilderbrand book collection. So, I knew I had from the middle of September to Memorial Day to make my way through the Nantucket-drama-scandal-infused world of Elin Hilderbrand. 

As someone who isn't a heavy reader but pushes to read each day, I knew it would be a bit of a challenge. Luckily, I took the challenge & I read 10 {plus} Hilderbrand books in that stretch of time. 

Essentially, I felt as if I spent a year wandering through Nantucket & parts of the Caribbean, soaking up marital secrets & devouring characters' life happenings. 

Maybe 10 books in that amount of time isn't a lot to you or maybe it is a lot of books to you. What I took away from challenging myself to read these books in a set of time is that little personal challenges are good for you. Overall, I feel like advancing to a personal goal {no matter how small} is not only mentally stimulating, but a bit of a self-esteem boost too. 

Elin Hilderbrand Books
My Year of Reading Elin Hilderbrand 

I got a Kindle for Christmas & plan on reading on that next. Meanwhile, I am always refreshing the latest Vogue stories as well as hitting the Sony Alpha Universe Blog

What Happens in Paradise Elin Hilderbrand
Pool Reading Inspiration 

Elin Hilderbrand Books
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