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Red, White & Checked: Happy Fourth of July

June 29, 2017

Can you believe that it's {basically} the Fourth of July? If you ask me, it's the best holiday. Think about it. The weather's great. Picnic foods & cute checkered table-cloths. It's summer {duh}. No gift buying pressure. & fireworks, if they're your type of entertainment.  Plus, I love all the red white & blue. 💙💈 💙

Have a Safe & Happy 4th-I am leaving this post up till then-See Ya on the 6th with something gingham! 💋

Peony Parade!

June 26, 2017

It's not just me...I know we all love peonies--I mean they're delicate, whimsical, & of course, beautiful. It doesn't hurt that they're pretty in pink too.  💗

Starting at the tail end of spring, I photographed the 2017 peonies around my home {various times of the day} & I thought to share a few {maybe a bit more than that 😗 } of my photos.

Also, I read {what I thought} was a great read about Peony Fun Facts on House Beautiful--here are a few of my favorite facts from my readings...

  • While the blooms themselves seem to be {sadly} short lived the actual peony plant can live to be 100 plus years old!
  • You should incorporate peonies into your bridal bouquet--they symbolize a happy and prosperous union. 
  • Gossip Girl Queen Bee, Blaire Waldorf's favorite flower is the peony!
  • My favorite fact, peonies come in all colors!! Except blue--boo! 
  • My own personal fact, blogger j'adore peonies--especially me! 

& You'll have to read this post I wrote a few months back featuring fine arts photographer, Lucy Cuneo's peony series on Martha Stewart Living.  Feel free to pin away...

you probably noticed ants love peonies too--it's the flower's sweet nectar

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Go Bananas ft Sant & Abel

June 22, 2017

The best part about summer is the tropical punchy prints you can pull off. I was so excited when I unwrapped these tutti fruity pajamas from Sant & Abel--I mean are they the definition of summer or what? 🍉🍊🍋

{Note items in this post were gifted in return of my honest opinion & thoughts}

Tuti Fruity (c/o)


I totally understand the whole LA & Sydney vibes that the brand upholds--plus, they're 100% cotton.

While fun prints such as the fruit here is a great detail the puckering around the legs of the shorts is super cute too.

Tiny Tassel Earrings (c/o) 

Do you have a favorite summertime print or really cool pjs that are perfect for the humidity? Let me know below!

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I think I'll wear these all day everyday lol 🍓🍒🍉🍈🍇🍑🍐🍎🍌🍍🍏

Writing Wednesday: Edition 1

June 21, 2017

Happy Wednesday blogging friends! I know I normally never post mid-week, but I'm starting monthly {1-2 time per month} blogging series called, Writing Wednesday where I am hopeful to share all things related to writing & what it's like being a writer.

Whether it's knowing what to expect {that's just it--it's unpredicable} as a working writer, to tips on getting published as well as some recent links to articles I have had published...Writing Wednesday is the place, haha.

Today, I am sharing a bit of what I learned when Sarah Shepard, author of The Pretty little Liars series spoke at one of my local libraries.

Author, Sarah Shepard 

First, I have to say, she was so nice & down-to-earth  I found it very refreshing. In college, I have had professor published {journals or personal books} & just found them to be stuffy. So, this was a welcomed different point-of-view.

Sarah hit a lot of great points, but for those who really want to write novels & fiction her story, telling that she struggled for a long time with writing past the first chapter. In fact, Sarah said that she had journals with only stories of '1st chapters.'

It wasn't until she became a ghost writer where she learned how to write books and also found her niche. Which relates to any type of writing {I enjoy more feature writing} that you have to be persistent--it doesn't always just flow out on paper.

Persistence {I feel} is a really important trait to acquire for any writer out there--whether it's perfecting your craft or seeking new opportunities to show what you can do--you have to go for it--opportunities {for the most part} won't come to you--go to them--create them!  It's a bit of a challenge at times, but truly gratifying when you have something that began in your mind flourish into something--article on a website, a book, or in Sarah's case, an impressively popular television show inspired by her books!

& Yes, I had the last copy of Pretty Little Liars, Vicious signed by her!

Patriotic Celebration Essentials

June 19, 2017

Cue the fireworks, sparklers, red and blue streamers, & American flags--it's the Fourth of July!!!!!
The 4th is my favorite holiday & I really enjoy seeing everything go to the red, white, & blue color spectrum.

{Note, Sticker App sent me these stickers for brand promotion}

Below, I am sharing a few of my favorite 4th celebration essentials like table decorations to picnic plates {I like the marble swirl plates!}

If you're curious about my logo sticker--be sure to follow me on Instagram to see how you can get one @Katelynchef & they're from Sticker App! You can custom design your own stickers from their online design center--pretty neat!

Wherever you'll be this Fourth--I hope it's the best one yet! 💋 💙  p.s if you're reading this via email subscription, re-open in the browser to see the shoppable widgets!

Into the Tropics

June 15, 2017

Talk Tropical To Me

At this point n' time who doesn't love a good palm print accompanied by a series of pink with a few tassels here and there? Me. Me. Me!!

{Note these pajamas & earrings were gifted to me ---all opinions are mine} 

Sant + Abel Sydney + Los Angeles (c/o)
Whether you're looking for something cool to wear in the daytime or at night the quality of the fabric is so important to keep you cool. You'll notice the punchy tropical design on my PJ's which are from Sant & Abel. You'll fall in love with their patterns --as they are so so fun.

Earrings: The Tiny Tassel (c/o)

Aside from the patterns, they're made from fine cotton threads--otherwise, you'll stay pretty cool in these duds. Check-out Sant + Abel on Instagram too

& P.S. What's a tropical OOTD without a pair of tassel earrings? These yellow ones {duh, yellow} are from Tiny Tassel---they're clip on!

Flamingos Get Thirsty Too: Ft. bkr

June 12, 2017

Raise your Hand if you think we need a flamingo emoji?! Or you know, leave a comment, but seriously for the love of pink flamingos, it's time we get ourselves a legit flamingo emoji.  HaHa. Honestly, flamingos make me think of summer. Summer makes me think of the pool. & The pool makes me think about water/hydration.

{Note, BKR Sent me these bottles-All Opinions Are My Own} 

TUTU Pink/LALA Purple/WINTER White

bkr sent me these to try all opinions are my own 

Luckily, these chic big to little bkr glass water bottles are making me want to drink more water. Everything from the glass container to the silicone wrapped exterior is just so so cool. The colors are my favorite part--the fun spiked bottle is called, LALA. The big pink bottle is TUTU and the baby white bottle is Winter. Even the names are pretty chic, right?

Totally understand why bkr is referred to as "the beauty essential that will change the way you hydrate forever."  They're pretty glam & going inside my pool bag....what about you?

You can follow Bkr on Instagram 

What's in My Pool Bag

Pool Essentials

Summer Concert OOTD

June 8, 2017

Does anyone else love going to concerts? To me, late spring & summertime concerts are the best! Last year, I saw a Sister Act outdoors {which was really good}. More recently, this past {late} spring I saw The Chainsmokers' world tour--100% recommend.

It was like a laser dance party & don't get me started when they sang 'Closer' & 'Paris' to quote Rachel Zoe, 'I die.' LOL

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Aside from the music, picking out your concert OOTD is the best part---while some {let's just say} get creative when they attend concerts-I like to keep it casual & cool {as cool as I can be which is a stretch ha ha}

& If you're reading this via email subscription re-open my blog link so you can shop the widget.

Who's got summer concert plans? Leave'em below!

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