Writing Wednesday: Edition 1

Happy Wednesday blogging friends! I know I normally never post mid-week, but I'm starting monthly {1-2 time per month} blogging series called, Writing Wednesday where I am hopeful to share all things related to writing & what it's like being a writer.

Whether it's knowing what to expect {that's just it--it's unpredicable} as a working writer, to tips on getting published as well as some recent links to articles I have had published...Writing Wednesday is the place, haha.

Today, I am sharing a bit of what I learned when Sarah Shepard, author of The Pretty little Liars series spoke at one of my local libraries.

Author, Sarah Shepard 

First, I have to say, she was so nice & down-to-earth  I found it very refreshing. In college, I have had professor published {journals or personal books} & just found them to be stuffy. So, this was a welcomed different point-of-view.

Sarah hit a lot of great points, but for those who really want to write novels & fiction her story, telling that she struggled for a long time with writing past the first chapter. In fact, Sarah said that she had journals with only stories of '1st chapters.'

It wasn't until she became a ghost writer where she learned how to write books and also found her niche. Which relates to any type of writing {I enjoy more feature writing} that you have to be persistent--it doesn't always just flow out on paper.

Persistence {I feel} is a really important trait to acquire for any writer out there--whether it's perfecting your craft or seeking new opportunities to show what you can do--you have to go for it--opportunities {for the most part} won't come to you--go to them--create them!  It's a bit of a challenge at times, but truly gratifying when you have something that began in your mind flourish into something--article on a website, a book, or in Sarah's case, an impressively popular television show inspired by her books!

& Yes, I had the last copy of Pretty Little Liars, Vicious signed by her!


  1. Love this new series Katelyn! Love her books!!
    xo, Syd

  2. So fun! Love the fact that you got to meet her and yes to your monthly writing articles! LOVE IT!

    Happy Wednesday, babe!
    xoxo, Vanessa

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  6. What an exciting series, I can't wait to read all of what you share in the upcoming posts! It's so funny because when I was in HS, my 9th grade english teacher told my mother in front of me that I was a horrible writer and I'd never be good at writing; it wasn't my talent or gift she said. Well, fast forward to my college years and I never scored anything less than an A in any of the papers written, haha. So, when you mentioned stuffy professors, it just brought her back to mind :) Anyway, I'm glad you found Sarah to be down to earth when in most people's eyes she would have every right to turn her nose up creating such a popular series that has turned into a tv series! Thanks for sharing and I hope you have a great weekend ahead, girlie!