Peony Parade!

It's not just me...I know we all love peonies--I mean they're delicate, whimsical, & of course, beautiful. It doesn't hurt that they're pretty in pink too.  ðŸ’—

Starting at the tail end of spring, I photographed the 2017 peonies around my home {various times of the day} & I thought to share a few {maybe a bit more than that 😗 } of my photos.

Also, I read {what I thought} was a great read about Peony Fun Facts on House Beautiful--here are a few of my favorite facts from my readings...

  • While the blooms themselves seem to be {sadly} short lived the actual peony plant can live to be 100 plus years old!
  • You should incorporate peonies into your bridal bouquet--they symbolize a happy and prosperous union. 
  • Gossip Girl Queen Bee, Blaire Waldorf's favorite flower is the peony!
  • My favorite fact, peonies come in all colors!! Except blue--boo! 
  • My own personal fact, blogger j'adore peonies--especially me! 

& You'll have to read this post I wrote a few months back featuring fine arts photographer, Lucy Cuneo's peony series on Martha Stewart Living.  Feel free to pin away...

you probably noticed ants love peonies too--it's the flower's sweet nectar

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  1. They are the most cheerful flower. Have a great week!!


  2. I can understand why you like them. They're very pretty. :)

    Brandy -

  3. Omgosh these peonies were from around your house? They are just stunning! And I love these fun facts about peonies - I had no idea they came in almost every color except blue!


    1. yes they are! And I know--although I'd like to see a blue peony!-Katelyn

  4. Those peonies are absolutely gorgeous! And I loved all the photos and facts Katelyn!

    xo, Nika

  5. Wow, these look beautiful! I hope I can grow something like this too in my place. :)


  6. Wow! These are so stunning!! I love peonies, and first learned about them because of Blair Waldorf. haha. I may need to plant some of these pretties. :)


  7. How fun! Peonies are my fave! And I had no idea that there are no blue peonies! That's so interesting!
    Happy Wednesday, babe!
    xoxo, Vanessa

  8. Peonies are absolutely beautiful, how can anyone not love them?! Then again, I haven't really met a flower I didn't like, haha. I didn't know they come in all colors except blue, that's so interesting. I've only ever seen them in pink and white, so I never thought they grew in other colors. Your garden must look absolutely gorgeous with all these peonies! Thanks for sharing and I hope you have a great weekend ahead!