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Garden Fresh

August 29, 2016

With summer comes heat, flowers, & foods fresh from the garden. This year, I noticed fruits & veggies {as well as hydrangeas} had a not-so-great season...maybe this is due to the extreme heat & little-to -no-rain? Regardless, we do have a heap of tomatoes {still coming in}-which is excellent as I love them!

I wanted to share a fun post on Southern Living's website that shares SO many ways to create a tomato sandwich--as I basically live off these during the summer.  I like to  keep it pretty healthy-whole wheat bread, lettuce {no bacon}, salt/pepper, low fat mayo, vegan cheese, maybe a avocado & so on.  

Plus, tomatoes are super good for you as they are filled will all sorts of vitamins-vitamin K & C are two biggies.

Moving past the tomatoes, one pie that I will actually eat is a homemade graham cracker pie.

from my June strawberry picking day
It's super easy-you just need strawberry glaze, sliced strawberries, & a graham cracker shell.
To make this recipe you'll just mix your berries in with the glaze, pour into pie crust, refrigerate & eat afterwards.

You can see more details on this recipe here from Taste of Home. I love to make this, because it is so very simple to make & healthy too. & Yes, this is my dad's garden he built the gate and everything himself!

What are your favorite summertime goodies from the garden? Let me know below!

Weekend Essentials:Coastal Edition

August 25, 2016

Bosom Buddy Bags 
Summer is {unfortunately} coasting, what do your weekend plans look like?

In the summertime, I like to plan my weekends outdoors {w/ my yellow bike} seersucker hat & whatever other cute things I can surround myself with--a fun activity like going to the pool or a short little trip doesn't hurt to have handy in your back-pocket either...

Essie Stroke of Brilliance -Fun sparkly blue

'Tink' my yellow bike 
Whatever your plans include--here are a few weekend essentials-in my own opinion. Share some of yours with me as the comment section!

Palm Beach Sandals-they're 100%authentic leather 

Little Things Lately: August

August 22, 2016

Happy Little Things Lately...August Edition. Hopefully, y'all won't mind me sharing a few things on my mind.

PopSugar & Rock the Vote:

POPSUGAR & Rock the Vote have teamed up with bloggers {you may see this red,white, & blue shirt on social media} to help spread the word about young voter registration as well as getting involved {& excited} this 2016 election season.

Registering to vote is easy-peasy you can do so HERE & you can visit Rock the Vote for all the poll locations, candidate{s}, &volunteering information. Hopefully, on November 8th-- you'll earn that cute, "I Voted" sticker. #PSRockthevote

Flower Cones:

If you follow me on Instagram @katelynchef you'll see me playing around a bit with hydrangeas--okay maybe more like a lot!

Straw Bags:

All summer long, I have been toting some variation of a straw tote & my fave {the watermelon one here} is now on summer clearance- while supplies last!


Aside from my blog here--I am a writer-surprise! Visit Brit & Co. to see/read/be inspired by some fun posts!


Prep School: School Supplies

August 18, 2016

True, it's August, but that also implies that it's back to school time-for both high school & college students alike.

While my school days are behind me {thankfully} I wanted to do this post for a few reasons:
  • Working from home/my desk I am always in need of desk supplies & necessities for my home office-Back-to-School time there is an abundance of cute supplies & lots of sales!
  • Share what items I always kept in my desk & back pack all through my schooling years to stay organized & get those As...ha ha 
  • Lastly, this a a collaborative blog post with Nika  {she's new to blogging} but has a darling IG feed & her blog, Prepnc24--&she's in school so be sure to see her school supply take as well!
Southern Girl Prep Folder 
As for my office supply & back-to-school picks scroll on!
  • Agenda/Calendar-I have a few calendars {no, I prefer paper opposed to digital} that I use for work & another solely for my blog-of course, Lilly has the prettiest selection   

  •  Pencils/Pens. Now is the time to stock up on pencils & pens-each year the selection gets cuter & cuter-can't let the kids have all the fun!

  • Backpacks. No, I don't carry a backpack daily, but having a roomy {&pretty} one comes in handy for toting blog /camera equipment as well as for travel. The quilted Vera Bradley bag pictured here I often take to NYC & other trips with me.  So, it's multi-functional.

  • Notepads & Card-Stock. I am always writing notes to myself & reminders so paper & paper filing systems help me stay organized.  & If you like colorful/preppy desk supplies, Southern Girl Prep has an assortment. 

Whether you're still in school or out hopefully you'll find these necessities helpful to staying organized & successful. Be sure to see Nika's post as well!


Summer UnBoxing with POPSUGAR Must Have Box

August 15, 2016

Hello all! Happy Monday & the start to a fresh week-have you been watching the Olympics? Simone Biles...can she be any cuter along with the rest of Team USA Women's Final 5 Gymnasts.

Another thing to note about summertime, aside from the Olympics is the latest POPSUGAR Must Have Box.

IG: @Popsugarmh
Recently, I got my second POPSUGAR subscription box & I am really thrilled with everything inside.


I have to add, I had the opportunity to work with POPSUGAR a few times this summer {another post TBA} & they are really a great group to collaborate with.

Without further hesitation, can I share with you what is inside my retro, sunny, playful, & cheeky POPSUGAR Must Have Box?


  • Sachajuan/Hair in the Sun
  • House of Pom/Emoji Cocktail Napkins
  • Michael Stars/Porcelain Skinny White Scarf
  • Pintrill/Pineapple Pin
  • SuunyLife/Inflatable Swan Drink Holder
  • European Wax Center/Oh My Brow! Brow highlighter in Pearl
  • Joe Chips/Classic sea salt potatoes retro chips  
  • Trove/Gift card

Basically, every month, you can treat yo self to a box full of seasonal delights for $39.95 including shipping. POPSUGAR MH also wants me to share a special coupon code with all of you so you can give the box a try: 

SHOP5(which never expires) to allow your readers $5 off their FIRST Must Have Box!

Well, I think I am going to go enjoy my favorite element in this month's box-the emoji cloth napkins-so so so cute with my fun lil swan cup holder!

Comment below if you get these boxes & what your favorite item{s} are! Click, HERE for all the links to the products featured in this box.

~POPSUGAR sent me this box to try {all opinions are my own} #sponsored~

Coastal Prep: Hampton Ivy

August 11, 2016

Who here loves gingham? Who loves a coastal chic lifestyle? Who loves Harry Potter?

An odd pairing--I know, but with another Harry Potter book out-Harry Potter and the Cursed Child: Parts 1&2--it got me thinking about my time reading the HP books & how they dressed--they were kind-of preppy weren't they with their prep-school uniforms & always looking English country side chic--expect when they were dueling for their lives...

Hampton Ivy
So, in this post, I want to combine my two favs-Coastal Chic & Harry Potter.

Melanie, the visionary behind the classic and preppy fashion accessory company, Hampton Ivy gifted me with the Blue Gingham Gold Cuff you see in this post.

If you love coastal, preppy, equestrian, & all-American things/style her accessories are for you.

"Our designs reflect a love for tradition and channel the simple yet timeless aesthetics of vintage styles. Each of our designs represent traditional nautical  and equestrian fashion, as well as celebrate the lifestyle we love. We hope with every Hampton Ivy item you wear you can express the style you love as well"-Hampton Ivy. 
Instagram @Hamptonivy


Let me know what you think of Melanie's designs below & if you're reading the new HP book-no spoilers please!


Summering with Sydney Elizabeth Golf

August 8, 2016

Okay, I am not a golfer, but I do enjoy a game of bad mitten & the idea of spending my weekends at a country club is alluring to me. This notion along with my appreciation for a skort, fun prints, & preppy styles all leads to this blog collaboration with the talented Sydney Hudson. Sydney is the owner and designer of Sydney Elizabeth Golf--plus, she is a newly wed!

My Bad...
Sydney an avid/lifetime golfer turned entrepreneur. She created her country club/preppy/sporty chic brand by having a lack of choices for her and her female golfing friends to wear out on the green. All of Sydney's skorts are design to a T--pardon the pun--but really her skorts are an appropriate length, have pockets, are fashionable, and can they transition from the golf course to cocktail hour inside the club. Plus, her prints/designs are just so lovely.

In this post, I am wearing The Shay Skort. The Shay is comfy with a fun green, pink, & white palm print accompanied by a darling white trim down the front.

The skort has pockets on both sides with the Sydney Elizabeth emblem on the back. I love it. Note to the buyer, her skorts run a size small-so up a size.

Skorts aren't the only thing that Sydney designs her designs range from {not limited to} pullovers, hats, polos, & more. She has fun fabrics in seersucker as well as punchy preppy prints.

I paired my Shay Skort with a white tee, but Sydney likes to pair it with a pink Lexi Polo 
IG: @sydneyelizabethgolf
I don't golf, but with Sydney's darling designs I just may have to start-where's my cart?

Keep up her Sydney on social media: Twitter/ Instagram/ Blog  /Pinterest/ Facebook  

Happy Bark-Day, Riley!

August 4, 2016

Dogs & birthdays are a funny thing. You may think why celebrate a pet's birthday-like they can really tell today is different than any other day...maybe they can maybe they can't.

Bark-Days are not only celebrations for your best friend, but for you too knowing that each day or certain moments in a day you feel special like you do on your birthday. After all, not everyone has someone to welcome them home the moment they walk through the door--no matter the time. Not everyone has someone to love them whether they're a vision of health or sick with the flu.

Skort worn above: Sydney Elizabeth Golf 
If you have a dog then you have this special someone.

August 8th marks Riley's Third Bark-Day. & Looking at Riley you may think he was an expensive purchase from a breeder--Riley is a Yorkshire Terrier & a rescue.

Riley is not my first dog-but he is my/my family's first rescue. At 4 months, Riley was seized by animal charity along with 105 other dogs {various ages} from deplorable conditions of a home operated puppy mill.

The older dogs that were seized had more health issues than those of the younger ones--It was during the record-breaking coldest January of all time when were able to bring Riley into our homes...

Flash forward three years & here we are/Riley is...Adopting a shelter pet is probably one of the most rewarding & empowering things you can do.

Okay, Riley has gone from a Rags to Riches type of tale-he's a little spoiled {Obviously, he has his own blog post}, but I am okay with that.

Riley's Birthday List:

Summery Steps with Palm Beach Sandals & DSW

August 1, 2016

August-Oh My Gosh! Summer is going by way too fast & I am already seeing signs of fall {stores, social media, & blogs} gearing up for fall--except I am not ready for fall, but I am rather in an eternal sunny state of mind. No signs of fall here-for the time being...
Palm Beach Sandals for DSW 

To keep the summertime vibes going-I just want to share something new & exciting with my favorite sandal brand-Palm Beach Sandals. You may recall, my birthday post I did featuring {&giving away} their 100% authentic & leather sandals that are 100% customizable-back in the day, Jackie -O was a fan & now Opera lists them in her 'O List' picks-yep they are pretty great.

Anyways, now PBS have teamed up with Designer Shoe Warehouse {DSW} & carrie four PBS color combos at $40 off the original price.

So, you'd think the sandals would be different since they are at a cheaper price-but nope! PBS sent me the gun-metal/silver sandal & they are exactly the same as my Arbutus / Pomme pair.

Feel free to browse the DSW sandal color selection & see the graphic for what color combos their new collaboration comes in.

& If you own a pair or pairs of PBS sandals I want to know-of course, include the color combination too in the comment box!

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