Summery Steps with Palm Beach Sandals & DSW

August-Oh My Gosh! Summer is going by way too fast & I am already seeing signs of fall {stores, social media, & blogs} gearing up for fall--except I am not ready for fall, but I am rather in an eternal sunny state of mind. No signs of fall here-for the time being...
Palm Beach Sandals for DSW 

To keep the summertime vibes going-I just want to share something new & exciting with my favorite sandal brand-Palm Beach Sandals. You may recall, my birthday post I did featuring {&giving away} their 100% authentic & leather sandals that are 100% customizable-back in the day, Jackie -O was a fan & now Opera lists them in her 'O List' picks-yep they are pretty great.

Anyways, now PBS have teamed up with Designer Shoe Warehouse {DSW} & carrie four PBS color combos at $40 off the original price.

So, you'd think the sandals would be different since they are at a cheaper price-but nope! PBS sent me the gun-metal/silver sandal & they are exactly the same as my Arbutus / Pomme pair.

Feel free to browse the DSW sandal color selection & see the graphic for what color combos their new collaboration comes in.

& If you own a pair or pairs of PBS sandals I want to know-of course, include the color combination too in the comment box!


  1. Those sandals are just the cutest. The design and color is so fun!


  2. How fun, Katelyn! Those sandals are mega cute!
    Happy Monday, love!
    xoxo, Vanessa

  3. These sandals are adorable. So chic! Love them! xo - Katie -

  4. I can't believe it's August either! Doesn't it feel like summer just started? Well these sandals would be great for any summer day! They look comfortable too!


  5. lovely sandals!!
    Summer is passing so fast indeed!!
    Lovely blog! Followed you on Bloglovin!

  6. cute sandals, and i love the photos, how you flatlayed them!! so cute!

    xo, Carla

  7. These shoes are so cute!