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Juicy Bamboo: Kaia Review

February 29, 2016

Juicy Cleansing Clothes retails for $15.00
Can I tell you something juicy? No, seriously, juicy--Juicy Bamboo Facial Cleansing Cloths from Kaia Naturals.

First,--what--who is Kaia? Kaia is an online retailer & a set number of luxury boutiques here in the US & in Canada that makes an assortment of beauty & cleansing products that are all natural, biodegradable, cruelty free, & non-toxic.

Not only are their products gentle on your skin {& on the planet}, but they are packaged beautifully {See the featured photos}.

The Yellow Spectacles was treated with a box of Juicy Bamboo facial/natural cleansing cloths to do a little review.

After trying the wipes before I took my bath, I can agree that they were gentle on my skin--no stinging, burning, redness, or irritation {& I have pretty sensitive skin}.

Kaia is proud of this fact. Their Juicy wipes are honey infused & won the Best Natural / Organic Beauty Product award in 2014 & the Beauty Editor Favorite Best 1 Minute Miracle in 2015.  

Not too shabby for a little juicy box...In the wipe packages they sell online {& the one I sampled} you get 30 wipes per box. The clothes are 100% biodegradable & are created from unbleached 'cashmere-soft' bamboo fibers.

Here is the run-down on what is in these eco-chic clothes: 8 pure plant -based essential oils, certified organic honey, sunflower oil, vitamins B12,C & E.

However, no alcohol, fake fragrances, parabens, sulfates, or petroleum products are present--that's a good thing for you & your skin.

"{Their} Cleansing with oils dissolve impurities while keeping the skin's moisture barrier balanced. Choosing to cleanse rather than just remove makeup is the #1 thing you can do for your skin"--Kaia. 

Basically, these little wipes don't stripe your skin of it's natural oils while removing excess makeup & dirt, but rather they remove the guck while adding in natural oils to leave you looking youthful & fresh.

Hey, I am down with that! A tip for future buyers, if you wear heavy amounts of makeup, you'll want to use a  makeup remover first & then follow up with Juicy Bamboo wipes.

Keep it Juicy, follow Kaia Naturals on Instagram & Twitter #KaiaNaturals

Spring Fever-ish: Silk Flowers

February 26, 2016

Michael's Craft Store  
It's still Feburary...sigh & I may have the beginning stages of spring fever.

How do I know this? I have all the classic symptoms. The strong desire to wear capris, the urge to put away all my faux fur rugs, blankets, & pillows to replace them with pastel colors & light cotton fabrics. Not-to-mention, the rush I get when I open a window to let the fresh air flow inside--even though it's still chilly outside. 

However, I have found a remedy-- a small solution to get me through the final hump of winter--flowers-silk flowers.

I know. Once upon a time, I hated fake flowers...really hated. However, with time, artificial flowers & faux arrangements have gotten better. Really, there are still some bad faux flowers out there, but there are also really life-like ones out there too. Dare I say, beautiful fake flower arrangements now exist.  Yes they do. Yes they do. 

Now, I am not suggesting you stick some silk flowers in your outside pots, but investing in a chic little faux flower arrangement for your entryway table or bedside might combat the nagging spring fever itch. At least, it's working for me.

I like to shop Michael's, Hobby Lobby, Marshall's, Target, & TJ MAXX / Home Goods for life like-yet affordable flower arrangements.

Not too worry, when spring does break--I'll be picking some fresh daffodils.  Until then, I have picked an assortment of flowers for you to shop & smell. See the below. 

Bonjour, Macaroon!

February 22, 2016

Move over cupcake{s} les macaroons have entered le maison. The past two times I have visited New York City, I have stopped in & sampled a few of Laduree's Macaroons in SOHO.

Social media is a big macaroon gathering scene for these petite cookies. For those of you who are unaware of what a actual macaroon is well...it's a French origin light cookie made with sugar, egg, & typically contains coconut or almond extract--the pistachio flavor is pretty good too.

Really, there are all kinds of bakeries that make these sugary treats, but Laduree is the most famous. Laduree opened it's doors in 1862 by Louie Ernest Laduree at Route No. 16 Royal, Paris, France.

The Laduree brand & company have survived years,--no, decades in the dessert business. Now they are more popular than ever before--really, I had to wait in a line spilling outside of the SOHO shop last December.

So, if a fancy little French bakery isn't around your corner or NYC is too far of a commute; I've found a few macaroon recipes on Pinterest that are well, rather divine.

If you're in the NYC area here are a few Laduree locals:
  • 398 W Broadway, NY
  • 864 Madison Ave, NY 

Well, hopefully, this post leaves you feeling a little fancy & fancying a macaroon or deux

Bachelor Babe: Her Sassy Life

February 19, 2016

MY Sassy Life 
Where are my Bachelor Babes at? If you're an out-of-the-closet {or a secret fan(s)} of The Bachelor & The Bachelorette then you know the drill. Monday night. 8 pm sharp. Wine. Chocolate. Popcorn. Maybe a Diet Pepsi. Cozy socks. & A whole lotta drama.

Watching The Bachelor is really unlike anything else--you can't look away. Even if you really want to. You just can't!

Hey, it's true. My gal pal, Sarah over at her sassy lil Etsy shop called, My Sassy Life has captured The Bachelor essence in a bottle...rather a tank top which reads:

"Bachelor & Wine are what Mondays are Made For"  &

"I woke up like this #WithaRose" 

Seriously, all of My Sassy Life's shop goodies are totally cute, but with a hint of major sass...even her non-bachelor items are totally adorable...click here to see for yourself.

However, since it's Bachelor Season, The Yellow Specs & My Sassy Life sat down to dish on the latest Bachelor--Ben & just why the show is so timeless. Maybe the show's success is because unlike  a rose the quest for true live never wilts.
"My ultimate goal is to one-day be a full-time lady boss with My Sassy Life. How amazing would it be to design + pack up sassy goodies all day long? "--Sarah, My Sassy Life, Girl Boss. 

The Yellow Spectacles: Tell me a little bit about your Etsy shop & how it all started?
My Sassy Life: My Sassy Life is a lifestyle brand for those who live off of coffee + wine + a lot of sass! I've always been fascinated with the idea of owning my own business & being my own boss. Growing up, my dad had always worked for himself. I saw the flexibility he had and how much time he got to spend with our family.
My ultimate goal is to one-day be a full-time lady boss with My Sassy Life. How amazing would it be to design + pack up sassy goodies all day long?    
Plus, I am pretty sure, Toby Jack would appreciate me being a full-time stay-at-home-dog-mom.
In all seriousness, there is no way I could have done it without the support of my family and friends.

TYS: To sum up your Etsy shopper...she is...?
MSL: Sassy of course! I like to think of my customers as someone I'd be friends with. I create things that I love and enjoy so if someone is buying them I'd like to think we have something in common.

TYS: Where do you get all of your cute sayings for your products?
MSL: Awe, that's so sweet. Honestly, I come up with my ideas at the most random times. ...My sister is getting married this summer so there is a lot of exciting bridal goodies coming!

TYS: Thus far, do you have a favorite saying in your shop?
MSL: Hm, that's a tough one...I am totally biased so I love them all, but I'd have to say, "I woke Up Like This #Tired' because, let's be real...I am ALWAYS tired in the morning. I had no idea that everyone would love saying that either...which makes it so much better!

" I think he' adorable. He's so sweet & so genuine"--Sarah on Season 20's The Bachelor, bachelor Ben Higgins. 

TYS: In your opinion, why is The Bachelor so great?
MSL: The drama! Some of the girls {and guys} are straight up crazy! Plus, I feel like we all need something to look forward to on Mondays. My sister and I plan to be at home on Mondays, we cook dinner, drink wine, and cuddle on the couch with Toby Jack. It's defiantly become our event at home. =)

Add her on your social feeds 
TYS: Your favorite Bachelor couple thus far is....?
MSL: Ashley H and J.P. I think they're adorable does anyone else remember them or did I just age myself?

Speaking of adorable, how adorable is Sarah & if you haven't checked out her shop it's a close second place in the adorable lineup--I mean all the tees, tanks, tumblers, and coozies? Not mentioning her spunky phrases & witty remarks. Yep, pretty adorbs & yes, Sarah I remember (& love) Ashley H & J.P. too.

To make your own glitter hanger click HERE 

Like a good wine & a good Monday Bachelor night somethings never get old.

Thanks Sarah!

A Dog Year: Celebrating 1 Year with Bentley

February 15, 2016

Bentley Oliver Valentino Chef 
Those who aren't strangers to my Instagram feed {@katelynchef} know that I frequently posts pics of my dogs Riley & Bentley.

Last January, our beloved 16 1/2 year yorkie poo, Cocoa passed away. Living & caring for her for that amount of time left us all devastated--she wasn't a dog but more like a daughter & sibling to myself, my brother, & my parents.

Riley {the yorkie rescue} was still a recent family addition, but he loved Cocoa & missed her presence once she had passed.

About a month 1/2 later, Bentley a yorkie bichon was welcomed into our home. Welcoming a new puppy is always a joy, but it's pretty scary too. There are many things to take into consideration when bringing home a new puppy--cost & time are the two biggest dog-adopting components.

Puppies/ dogs require frequent trips to the vet (shots, flee/tick preventives}, pet stores, & forms of doggy-people socialization.

Photo edited via A Color Story 
Time is another big factor--pups can't be locked away day & night in their crates. They need parent to puppy bonding time, socialization with their new surroundings, training, & the dreaded--potty training.

One year to the day, Bentley is almost potty trained. He turned 1 last November & hasn't looked back.

He's a chronic chewer { on his toys} & whines often when seeking attention. His anxious public demeanor had us removed from puppy school, but we're working on it--he's actually doing better since.

Bentley & his brother were baseball players for Halloween & they still don't truly grasp Santa's objective {they said he was skimpy on this year's gift} .

When Bentley isn't chewing--he likes to boss Riley, walk outdoors, & take strolls around the block in his zipped in dog stroller--seriously, he does.

Bentley {& myself} are looking forward to spring & spending evenings on the patio.

Adopting a dog is 100% a lot of work, but at the end of the day, it's 100% worth it.

Woof. Woof. 

Let's Blog About It! The Yellow Spectacle's Re-Launch

February 5, 2016

The Yellow Specs Re-Launch Party 
Hello lovelies! So, this post is a little different than the rest. Often, I focus my post[s} on what I find to be inspirational as well as who I find to be inspirational.

However, if you clean off your specs, you'll notice that The Yellow Spectacles looks a little spiffier. Really, I am so happy to welcome you all to the new/re-launch of The Yellow Spectacles.

A blog redesign is something that I really wanted to do for a longtime & with the help of the creative web design talent of M. ELLE. Creative that dream is now a reality. A reality with a adorable logo to-boot!

For those just reading or those who have been here before {big thanks!} you can gather, I adore pretty things, fun eye-wear, & creative people. Really, that's my whole blog philosophy in a nutshell.

Photos edited with: App: A Color Story
While, I am not {YET!] a super star, super successful, radically wealthy blogger; I have picked up on a few blogging skills that I'd like to pass along.

I started my blog {about 1 1/2 ago} to fill a major creative void & because I wanted/want to be the boss {#girlboss} of something. Really, I was rather disappointed with my whole college experience. I feel like my four years of school & the aftermath have been a major let down. Heavy... sorry{#sorrynotsorry}... but it's the truth. I know I am not the only graduate who feels this way.

I am a English: Writing graduate from a liberal arts university. During my time there, I felt like I was just there. Maybe many of you felt the same way or had the complete opposite experience-everyone is different & that's good!

Don't be misinformed, I wasn't a 'room-sitter' during my academic years, I kept rather busy. I graduated with honors, numerous published articles in the school paper, a few awards, a pinch of decent friends, two minors, & a lot of self-pride. During those four years, I wore a lot of 'hats'--student, worked three jobs, daughter, care-taker/granddaughter, & writer.

However,  I didn't find myself in those four years. Actually, I felt kinda lost. I didn't feel like I had the support of my school & professors to really take a chance & find that passion & find myself in the process. I did what was expected of me...what was required...not what I wanted. Really, I think I wanted a mentor, someone to pass along their experience, their success, failure, connections & aspirations--I didn't get that.

Needless to-say, little, by little, I am finding that through blogging.

Therefore, my blog is the complete opposite of my college experience. It's a place to explore, be intrigued by creative entrepreneurs, try on stylish spectacles, be creatively inquisitive, & a place to make meaningful connections.

I am hoping, to continue to grow The Yellow Spectacles & take on other writing/creative/editing roles. In the process, I am striving to keep on being creatively inquisitive--hey, if you're looking for someone to hire on--I am here!

Okay so I have learned through blogging...{thus far}...

Take Chances & Share the Love: If my meek & rather mundane college years taught me anything, it has been to make connections--reach out. I have had the pleasure of interviewing many blogs & bloggers--All of whom I have reached out to. Reaching out to other bloggers in your areas of interest{s} is so important.

I am a big advocate of supporting other creative people & their passions/careers. Recently, I had the opportunity to share some of my favorite blogs on All For Color's blog, Color Ave.

Here on TYS, I have a section called, Through Their Specs which spotlights other creative bloggers/blogs.

Click Links: Being a blogger {for the most part} is a hard gig. Really, many bloggers earn their $$$ through the links & images they share. So, I always click on their links & linked images {the pennies really add up}. Currently, my shopping links are via Shop Style Collective & I earn a small % with each click that users/readers make.

Picture Perfect: Pictures are a HUGE part of the blogging job. Really, if you are serious about providing good content then I'd recommend investing in a decent camera. All of the pictures on TYS {unless stated} are my own. Last summer, I purchased a Nikon CoolPix L8-40--& I LOVE it!
Confession, many bloggers have someone to capture their ideas & outfits--me not so much. I have a tripod, selfie stick, & of course tall objects like trees. So, if you see me in a pic...I have probably gone to the extremes to be in that picture. Yes, I need a photographer!

Be Your-Selfie: I don't want you to get bummed about my not-so-ideal college experience. My trials during that time {as well as currently with trying to land a full-time job} hasn't made me a pessimist. In fact, it has turned me into an optimist. I try to keep my attitude & blog in-tune with the with the words my grandpa always told me, which was, Stay Focused. 

Yeah, I get discouraged--all the time. My heart breaks a little when I get the rejection job email & my ego becomes bruised every time I lose a follower on Instagram, but my blog is called, The Yellow Spectacles.  I didn't pick yellow for any old reason. My blog is my happy place & I hope it is that place for readers too.

There is too much bad in the world to not focus on the good, the positive, & the cheerful. I am cheerful. I know who I am {now =)}.

I am Katelyn. I adore  pretty things, fun eye-wear, & creative people. The Yellow Spectacles is a good place to be.

Enjoy! & Come again.

*Sidebar, the blog post line up will change from M W F to M & F to so readers have more time to focus on the posts without being backed up with additional content. There will be time-to-time Wednesday post for brand collaborations.*

Sitting Pretty with Pretty Little Monograms: Snow Queen Popover

February 1, 2016

Snow-Queen Popover
Do you love pink? Do you just adore anything Lilly Pulitzer? Does your heart melt like Olaf's body on a warm summer's day at the glance at anything Disney? Does everything you own have your initials on it?

If this is the case, then you have the classic textbook symptoms of PLMLPDDD. What? In English, Pretty Little Monogram Lilly Pulitzer Disney Distress DisorderWhew. Fear not, as there is a cure & it it called Pretty Little Monograms.

PLM is your online destination for all things lovely, pink, monogramed, Lilly printed, & Disney related. PLM was created in 2014 by Lindsay Kessel Waybright due to her appreciation for all of the above. If you follow the cheery brand on their Insta handle, you'll notice that all Disney & Lilly obsessed lovers & blogger a like cannot get enough of their sunshine personalized park inspired gear.

Famed bloggers like Shelby Revis & her sis, Bailey are often repeat PLM offenders, but then again, any Disney & Lilly loving addict can dress according to their own personalized princess daydream as PLM prices are reasonably affordable to the masses.  Meaning, no pixie dust or rubies required to look preppy & park ready.

Pretty Little Monograms 
In this post, you'll see the 'Snow Queen' PLM Popover featured on the PLM website. While the weather in Florida may seem appropriate to wear a PLM Minnie monogramed crew tee--I insist that the Snow Queen Popover is more fitting for my snowy North East local {Unfortunately}.

What's next...besides deciding what princess you want to mimic your monogram after & what Lilly print is your favorite? Well, you'll need a good pair of Minnie ears, a few bows, Disney buttons, an iced coffee from Starbucks, & Rapunzels' attitude that this will be 'the best day....ever!'


& Unfortunately, PLMLPDDD is non-reversible...oh, well!

* Never miss a monogram--PLM is on Facebook too!

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