Spring Fever-ish: Silk Flowers

Michael's Craft Store  
It's still Feburary...sigh & I may have the beginning stages of spring fever.

How do I know this? I have all the classic symptoms. The strong desire to wear capris, the urge to put away all my faux fur rugs, blankets, & pillows to replace them with pastel colors & light cotton fabrics. Not-to-mention, the rush I get when I open a window to let the fresh air flow inside--even though it's still chilly outside. 

However, I have found a remedy-- a small solution to get me through the final hump of winter--flowers-silk flowers.

I know. Once upon a time, I hated fake flowers...really hated. However, with time, artificial flowers & faux arrangements have gotten better. Really, there are still some bad faux flowers out there, but there are also really life-like ones out there too. Dare I say, beautiful fake flower arrangements now exist.  Yes they do. Yes they do. 

Now, I am not suggesting you stick some silk flowers in your outside pots, but investing in a chic little faux flower arrangement for your entryway table or bedside might combat the nagging spring fever itch. At least, it's working for me.

I like to shop Michael's, Hobby Lobby, Marshall's, Target, & TJ MAXX / Home Goods for life like-yet affordable flower arrangements.

Not too worry, when spring does break--I'll be picking some fresh daffodils.  Until then, I have picked an assortment of flowers for you to shop & smell. See the below.