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Getting Social With Blogger, World Traveler, & Fashionista: Robin Reetz

September 22, 2014

Robin's next destination: Either a weekend getaway
to Berlin or North Carolina & Atlanta for the holidays
Hello, meet Robin Reetz a women who wears an assortment of fashionable hats in the fashion and reporting industry.

Here are just a few of the many hats or as the French would say, chapeau that Robin has previously adorned: she has worked/interned at both Vogue, Teen Vogue, WWD, is a contributing editor for The Cheap Chica Guide to Style, has designed accessories for Anthropology, Teen Vogue,  Refinery 29, and writes for her blog, The Second Floor Flat--need I go on?

Actually I do. Aside from Robin's fashion credentials she is an American living in London, England with her husband. Together they travel the hemisphere for work and pleasure. It is the travel, the new sites, and city smells that fuel Robin's blog posts, articles, and fashion choices with new engaging content and wearable trinkets.

As it goes for any respectable fashionista the desire to write and wear runway inspired clothes starts early. At least, it did for Robin who new that fashion journalism was her calling even in the very beginning.

Robin spoke on her passion, saying, "I've known that I wanted to work in fashion journalism and communications since I was young. Such as the case for a lot of creative careers, I didn't see a direct path to the world of fashion magazines-so I made my own." Indeed, she did as  Robin continues, saying,

"I studied fashion at Savannah College of Art and Design, worked at my school newspaper, and interned in New York."

London Streets, but Robin adores Paris "...A magical city"
Yes, Robin interned in the Big Apple--with the mecca of all magazines Vogue and Teen Vogue. As it goes with any creative career that first big break means everything.

Robin felt that "I finally made it feeling" when she scored her coveted internship with Vogue. She spoke on her experience, saying, "It was the first time I realized that all my hard work was being noticed--it was an amazing moment!" 

Now, with her past publishing experience and her current online writing opportunities, Robin is seeing the world--for both work, family, and pleasure.

Following Robin on IG you basically feel like you're on a whirlwind weekend trip all the time. Robin will tell you herself, that she has been lucky enough to travel to sought-out locals such as Monte Carlo and Budapest for business, but its the more leisurely excursions she treasures.

"Travel is inter-woven into my life in a lot of ways--my husband is originally from South Africa, and we currently live in London, so we're now in a position where we have to travel to see our families."

Traveling for either fun or work can greatly influence your life (not-to-mention your career) outlook.

"Travel opens your eyes to new people, places, and experiences that help you see the world in a new light. Experiences I have had have definitely informed me as a writer." 

It is safe to say that traveling and writing can go hand- in -hand, but tossing fashion in the mix can be a bit tricky. Here are a few of Robin's tips to not only pack, but travel fashionably:

1. The simpler the better!
2. Choose a single color and pack in shades of that color.
3. Imagine what you'll be doing on the trip and what you'll want to wear while doing it.
4. Cutting down on shoes (I know, it's hard) and other accessories saves some luggage room.

Okay, with all this travel, packing, and inspirational reporting--Robin has to have an all time favorite destination right?

"...It's so cliche, but I have to say Paris or maybe the South of France--which is gorgeous as you imagine-I never tire of either."

Neither would I for that matter.



A Pretty Look At the Instagram Account: @Feminin_Grace

September 12, 2014

Follow on Instagram @Feminin_Grace

Bonjour readers. Any creative, crafty, stylish, and home decorating fanatics can testify that the Internet, blogs, and Pinterest are all hubs for inspiration and motivation.

But stop and think. Instagram also is a mecca for people wanting to share their inventive projects, clever collaborations, and celebrations--the social media giant isn't just a host of endless selfies.


Speaking of Instagram meet the latest IG pioneer, Adwoa Osei or by her Instagram name, @Feminin_Grace.  She is a pediatrician with a knack for photography. This isn't kitty and puppy pictures, but rather artful shots of mostly decadent sweet treats and serene nature shots.

All of which she shares via her IG account. Osei comments on her photography passion, stating, "My IG was born out of needing an avenue to share some of my creative ideas and photography without having to write a long blog post about them."

She continues, saying, "My IG name was born out of how I creatively express myself; feminine, soft, and graceful (in French)."

Captured by Adwoa Osei

Looking at Osei soft and pretty images you can get a sense out of where she draws inspiration from. She herself says, "I get a lot of my inspiration from via the Internet, magazines, poetry, being a woman...Ultimately, most of my creations and projects stem from how I feel and what emotions I want to project through my work and photography."

It's funny that the inspiration is a gift that keeps on giving as @Feminin_Grace keeps sharing her projects along with millions of other people doing the same on Instagram.

So what IG accounts does @Feminin_Grace follow for a little creative pick-me-up?

There are plenty, but she loves: @traveltall, @lasens, and @themagictv for travel inspiration.

 For accounts that are pink, pretty, and pristine: @rachelparcell & @whimsically_detailed to name a few.
As for IG accounts to feed her inner foodie: @frannyskitchen & @breakfastwithbex are two of her popular picks.

The Instagram account  @Feminin_Grace is yet another example of the groundbreaking ways that you can share, edit, and feed your inner passion. For Adwoa Osei, her inner passion being fed is clearly photography.

"I love doing things that bring me such inner joy. #happinessinmysoul" Osei musses. 

Re-Vamped Bedroom Chair

September 4, 2014

Paint and Accessories 

So, have you ever been driving along and suddenly there--you spot something rather dusty, ratty, but possibly divine tossed to the curb?

This has indeed happened to me once or twice before. Needless to say, I am not one to dumpster dive, but when I found this in-need of a little TLC cane-back chair at the curb last Christmas I couldn't resist the urge to pick the chair up and show her some love.

Meet Joan (named after Joan Rivers & her Marie Antoinette decor style). Before Joan could even make her way into my home I had to take the carpet cleaner and some sandpaper after her to get her into conditioning shape.  

The Joan Chair 

As you can tell from the "Before" photo Joan's paint was yellowed and her cushions were dirty. But after soap and water I painted Joan a color called, Pink Sea Salt  from The Martha Stewart Paint Collection and added a touch of gold sparkle on the chair's top and bottom engravings.

Accompanying Joan's new hue, I accessorized her with a golden Cynthia Rowley pillow and a sheep skin Ikea rug...Ta-Da! A new and improved chair to call my very own.

It's nice to meet you Joan, you're welcomed to stay.


Being a Breakfast Blogger:Breakfast with Bex

September 2, 2014

Rebecca Doser
Whether you're a blogger, babysitter, banker or whatever you know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Sadly, with our hectic schedules breakfast takes a backseat to quick granola bars & breakfast burritos--or at least something like that.

However, one savvy college co-ed is changing the breakfast scene. Meet Rebecca Doser-A.K.A. Breakfast with Bex.  Bex is truly transforming the way we eat and see breakfast--instead of breakfast being a fast bite while we're dashing out the door her posts and IG  account make the first meal of the day seem like a gourmet emporium. 

So, we can gather that Bex is BANANAS for breakfast, but who is she & how has she started a blog dedicated to la petit dejeuner

Well, she's just a simple college gal at St. Lawrence University in Canton, NY who loves writing, fashion, journalism, volleyball, and yes--breakfast. However, this is not your typical scrabbled eggs meal-but a healthy and perfectly styled breakfast. 

Bex states, " Breakfast is the most important meal of the day! I am a very active person as a volleyball player at St. Lawrence University so fueling up in the morning with carbs, protein, and fruits is important to keep me energized throughout the day." 

The truth is that Bex remains focused by fueling up each morning, but so does her 1,000 + Instagram followers as she shares the most vivid yet delectable food photos on her account

Bex started her IG page back in March of 2014. Her food and her followers have grown in the past months as she continues to encompass her passions for healthy food and witty caption writing. 

In fact, Bex states about her IG content, 
"I have some dedicated followers who cannot wait for the captions just to get their morning laugh in, which really makes me love what I do."

Bex's tongue and cheek IG posts/comments is what tempted her to create her own blog on WordPress. Bex knew Instagram was the ideal place for sharing quick foodie pics, but having her own blog has prompted her to grow as a writer, blogger, photographer, and as a creative spirit. Seriously, check out some of this girl's recipes--her Carrot Cake Oatmeal? Yes, please!

Breakfast with Bex

How can we be a little more like Bex? Well, her go-to recipe ideas are mainly inspired by her mother, Betsy Doser who is a well-known self-made baker in the Doser's hometown of Penfield, NY. Aside from her mother, if Bex had to pick three b-fast ingredients it would consist of eggs, oatmeal, and fruit--nice choices. Why? "I eat all three of these at least every single day."

So, with this breakfast blogger by morning, student/volleyball player by day is Breakfast with Bex down with breakfast for dinner?

"Oh, Bex is down with breakfast any hour of the day! My favorite time is breakfast for dinner! What's not to love?" 

 Check out this breakfast blogger today--she'll turn you into a breakfast believer.

"Everyone has a secret obsession & mine happens to be breaking out of bed
to prepare delicious & healthy  breakfasts!"


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