5 things to Love About June & July

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5 things to Love About June & July 

It's hard to believe that the summer solstice is here. Not that I am not complaining, it's always the good things in life that have the shortest expiration dates. 

When it comes to summer, there is nothing better. Honestly, this list can go on & on, but I decided to combine June & July {much like when your parents & relatives combined you & your cousin's birthday when you were kids} for the sake of being repetitive.  

Plus, I really don't want to be behind a screen, rather, slathering on the sunscreen. 

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Without further adieu, 5 things to Love About June & July 

  1. Beautiful Golden Hours & Sunsets: I fully plan to take advantage of the longer & juicy golden evening light. Everything summer's evening light touches appear so magical. 
  2. Watermelon SZN: Hey, watermelon season is something to celebrate. Yes, they're a juicy mess to cut up, but watermelon with a hint of pink salt, so summertime chef's kiss. 
  3. Pool Days: I learned not to take any pool day for granted. While many love to chill poolside, it is also a great method of summertime exercise. My favorite actually. 
  4. Cold Baths & Showers: Don't cringe! Come summertime, I am 100 percent into cold baths or showers, it's so relaxing & feels really nice on sun-crisp skin. Plus, there are serious health benefits to showering with cold water
  5. USA: Without being political, because, I am not, I haven't been 100 percent into the Red, White, & Blue--for a good while. Naturally, this started when Trump took office & peaked a bit with the Biden administration, but has dipped with America's senseless violence, the removal of some women's rights, & the overall temperament of our Nation. However, this time of year, it's nice to overlook differences & celebrate the many positive attributes of America. Whether that celebration is a cookout, fireworks, or wearing something classic, yet patriotic, I am still here for it. 🎆
Wherever you are, Happy Summer! Happy Fourth of July. 

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Five things to love about June & July 

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Happy Fourth of July!