Coastal Home Decor{Some From the Dollar Store}

Coastal Home Decor Crafts

Coastal Home Decor{Some From the Dollar Store}

She sells seashells by the seashore...

Rather, I keep seashells {even though I am landlocked} close & nearby. If you have read some of my previous home decor posts, you'll note that I love coastal things. In my dwelling, I do my best to incorporate nature & natural elements. Come summer, these decor pieces are leaning very coastal

You have to be careful with coastal home decor. Some can lean tacky & a very-Red Lobster aesthetic. When decorating with coastal elements, I keep the colors simple. Actually, I like whites & creams & then add a pop of color like light blue or sage green. Decorating with coastal items, I mix high-end, lower-end, & real objects. Personally, I think it works really well. You would never know looking at my coastal decorating which ones are from Dollar Tree.

In fact, over the years, Dollar Tree has really upped its coastal decorations. Typically, Dollar Tree puts out the coastal items in April & they are pretty much sold out by the end of the month. So, act quickly! 

Below, I have curated some of my home decor photos where I blend Dollar Tree coastal decorations with natural & higher-end coastal home decor pieces. 

Wood Summer Dollar Tree Crafts
Dollar Tree Coastal Crafts 

Vintage Little Mermaid Plate
Gray Malin Painted Tray 

sand dollars from Dollar Tree
Keep your color scheme coastal & simple 

Dollar Tree mermaid crafts
Painted mermaid tail 

Vintage Florida plate
Vintage Florida plate

Dollar tree mermaid crafts

Lavender Laura Ashley Quilt
Lavender Laura Ashley Quilt

coastal decor

shabby chic summerhome decor
Watermelon blanket 

summer home decor

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Dollar Tree Coastal Home Decor
Dollar Tree Coastal Home Decor 

Dollar Tree Coastal Home Decor
DIY Dollar Tree Summer Wood Decor