10 Years of Blogging: How Blogging Has Changed My Writing & Photography...

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10 Years of Blogging: How Blogging Has Changed My Writing & Photography...

This month, my blog, The Yellow Spectacles turns 10 years old! With that milestone reached, I look back while explaining how blogging has evolved my writing {professionally}, blogging topics, & my photos. 

Personal growth is always a good thing. Thankfully, I am not the person I was in high school, college, or 10 years ago when I started my blog, The Yellow Spectacles. To see how I got my start blogging, you can read this article here

However, hitting the 10-year blogging mark, I want to explain how my writing & photography has evolved--maybe it will inspire you to start something new & manifest some growth on your end too.

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10 years of blogging, blogging & freelance advice 


Blogging & Writing 

Frankly, I started my blog as a creative outlet to write. Post-college, I was a writer, unknown, hungry to write. I also had a lot of pent-up creative frustration inside that needed a way out. Hence, I started my blog, not knowing too much. 

Over the years, my writing interests have expanded beyond anything my high school self could imagine. Back then, I was really into entertainment & fashion-style type of writing. Today, not so much. Looking back, writing for outlets such as Martha Stewart, Today.com, Taste of Home, & others, I have really covered an array of topics. 

I feel fulfilled when I write pieces that are informative, imaginative, & have some sort of takeaway to the story. Those are the types of articles I am drawn to reading--I want to feel fulfilled {either emotionally, educationally, or creatively} upon reading. It makes sense that I want my professional bylines to have the same feelings for the readers. 

Blogging & Blog Topics 

This year more than ever, I am being more intentional with what blog topics I write as well as how often I post. I am now focused on 'quality over quantity' with my blogging as opposed to the opposite years ago. I was never one for shopping roundup posts, while those have a place, I am more driven to write posts that inspire & motivate in whatever season we are in.

My dogs have been apart of my blogs over the years 

Blogging & Photography 

I never thought about being a photographer. Frankly, if it wasn't for my blog, I don't think photography would have happened to me. While we live in an age of social media where everyone is a photographer, I truly work every day to better my skills. 

Things in life have never come easily for me. I am so grateful that I have an interest in photography {as well as maintaining my blog} that has given me a creative outlet to just vent out life's frustrations. 

I started buying different cameras to better the photos here. However, I started taking photography more seriously in the past couple of years, learning all about cameras, shooting modes, & editing. It has been a journey! 

I talk a lot about photography in my Journal, see it here. 

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Pink Cherry Blossoms, growing as a photographer 

Final Thoughts

Commitment has never been my favorite word---why I freelance, I guess. However, there are so many benefits to having a passion as well as hobbies in life. I feel that hobbies {& interests outside work} give you a reason to rise out of bed, grow intellectually, & grow as a person over the course of the years. Blogging has led to new interests, many I share in seasonal blog posts. As I enter a new decade of blogging, I hope it is the start of a new season of life. 

I am okay with knowing I am not the same girl who wrote her first blog post 10 years ago. & I am okay with growing & evolving over the next 10. Cheers--Stay inspired! 

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10 years of blogging, blogging & freelance advice
10 years of blogging, blogging & freelance advice