Five Things to Love About April & Pink Peep Hot Chocolate Recipe

Woman wearing yellow rain boots

Five Things to Love About April & Pink Peep Hot Chocolate Recipe 

In this post, a monthly occurring post, 5 things to love about the new month. 

It's spring, what's not to love? This is the time of year when owning a camera is the best thing ever. To me, April is when things really start to look like springtime in Ohio. The blustery March days are few & far as we enter a new era of longer days with plenty of seasonal colors. 

By this time of year, my indoor spring cleaning is winding down, as attention is turned to more outdoor entertaining & activities. 

Below, find my Five Things to Love About The Month of April. After all, April showers bring May flowers. But so does Miley Cyrus 😊

Woman's yellow rain boots
April Flowers, Cherry Blossoms 

Disco ball in Cherry Tree
Things to love about the month of April 

 April: Five Things to Love 

  1. Taurus Season: April 20th-May 20th is officially Taurus Season. I am an earth sign & love it when it's my horoscope's time of the year. My favorite fellow Taureans are Cher { May 20th}, Adele {May 5th}, & the late Queen Elizabeth II {April 21st}.
  2. Flowers: Common April flowers are tulips, sweet peas, snapdragons, gardenias, roses, orchids, & peonies. 
  3. Springs Bakes: When a new season arrives, it's always fun to make a spring-inspired bake. even if your spring bake is the yellow-spring Pillsbury cake mix.
  4. Stroller Walks with my Dogs: No matter the season, I walk. However, when the weather peaks above 50 degrees, I take my dogs for walks as they sit inside their dog stroller & I push them. They love the fresh spring air. 
  5. Windows Open at Night: To me, one of the best {& simple pleasures} about warmer weather is sleeping with your window open. Just as April begins to move along, cracking the window at night is plausible. 
So, what are your favorite things about the month of April? 

pink hot chocolate
Strawberry Peep Hot Chocolate Recipe 

Pink Hot Chocolate
Peep Hot Chocolate 

Peep Hot Pink Chocolate 

Remember my third favorite thing about the month of April above being a springtime bake/treat? You can take your leftover Easter Candy & make a springtime pink marshmallow Peep hot chocolate. 

The recipe for pink Peep hot chocolate is as simple as warming pink milk, the Nestquick strawberry milk works on the stove. Once strawberry milk is simmering, pour it into a glass mug & garnish with leftover Easter candy, like the marshmallow Peeps, sprinkles & whipped cream if you like. Cheers to spring! 

Pink Peep Hot Chocolate
Peep Hot Chocolate 

Flirty Spring Style
Five Things to Love About April & Pink Peep Hot Chocolate Recipe