5 Ways to Prep for Spring

5 Ways to Prep for Spring

Listen up, buttercups, daisies, crocuses, peonies, daffodils, lilacs, & all you other petals, spring officially springs Thursday, March 19th.

Just because the calendar officially declares springtime in the Northern Hemisphere, doesn't always mean it feels {or looks} like spring--at least right away.

However, like spring showers, springtime flowers are inevitable. As spring arrives, there is always so much to do & so many ways to embrace a new season. Here are 5 Ways to Prep for Spring.

1. Curate Your Closet: Now it is that time to move your winter gear to the back of the closet & bring out your spring clothes. As you're rearranging your closet, consider your everyday style & donate {or sell} in-season clothes.

I have been making it a rule, for every piece of clothing I personally buy, I have to donate something.

2. Tidy Up: Each spring {& fall} I declutter & thoroughly clean each room. There are 3 tips to cleaning your space for the new season that I read in a Bed Bath & Beyond monthly flyer.

I quote:

A. " Banish: Curate your closet: keep the best, let go of the rest."

B. "Bundle: Sort garments by type to get what you need, fast."

C. "Be Tidy: Cut closet clutter with under-the-bed storage boxes."--Bed Bath & Beyond.

3. Organize Finances: Recently, I went through my finance files & shredded old statements, filed away old but still relevant statements {& invoices} & then organized everything into a three-part filing system that reflects my work as a self-employed writer & content creator.

No matter your system, it is always good to go through everything, safely discard the no-longer-needed paper work & get everything you do need {& will need} straight for the rest of the year.

4. Taxes: April 15th is Tax Day for those who don't file for an extension. Don't wait until the last minute, take a Saturday & get your tax prep & taxes done!

Trust me, you'll feel like a million bucks once it is over!

5. Pick a Color Palette: Going into a new season, I find inspiration in picking out a color palette. This past fall, you may recall this blog post where Valspar Paint color experts shared upcoming hot colors?

Lotta from Stockholm Clogs {c/o} 

Well, I have been very inspired by hues in the family of blushing bride & green water aka soft pinks & light-eucalyptus greens hues.

Needless-to-say, Spring I am ready for you! Are you ready for spring?

P.S. my rose gold wood clogs are from Lotta from Stockholm & I love them.

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