Ice Ice Baby! Icebox Cake Recipe

Ice Ice Baby! Icebox Cake Recipe 

It's been said that 'silver white winters melt into springs' or rather sung! This winter why not whip up something sweet, something such as an icebox cake.

An icebox cake is not a new concept by any means as the American icebox cake has roots going back to the 1930s & doesn't require any actual baking.

Essentially an icebox cake is made of cream, wafers {or thin cookies}, nuts, & or fruits. Today, there are so many icebox cake varieties such as berries for the Fourth of July as well as toasted S' mores recipes.

However, I went with the traditional icebox cake recipe. I went to my local Giant Eagle & purchased all of my supplies

Icebox Cake Recipe  

Vanilla Wafer Icebox Cake 

- Low-fat heavy whipping cream {2 cups}
-Vanilla Wafers
-Vanilla Extract {1 teaspoon}
-Confectionary Sugar {1 tablespoon}

I basically followed this Taste of Home recipe except for went with a vanilla recipe opposed to their chocolate icebox cake recipe.

After you whip the cream, confection sugar, & vanilla extra, I cover the bottom of a loaf pan with parchment paper & did my first layer of wafers & layer of whip cream & repeated that until the top of the loaf pan was reached.

I crushed the remaining wafers & sprinkled them on top of the whipped cream for decoration & froze the cake for 4-5 hours.

That's it! You can then slice you icebox cake & serve chilled--it's really great if you're making a dessert for Valentine's Day.

Vanilla Wafer Icebox Cake Recipe