Spring Into Style: Spring Resort Wear Style Preview

Spring Into Style: Spring Resort Wear Style 

I know I am not the only one seeking sunshine & a heavy dose of Vitamin C as the stubborn winter days drag on & on.

About this time of year, my spring fever is creeping inward & my desire to wear spring clothing is going outward {banging on the doors of my closet, screaming to be worn out n' about!}.

Whenever I get the lucky opportunity to travel, I always make it a mission of mine to capture an outfit that sums up the vibe of the destination as well as my vision for my trip.

Palm Springs, California 

Since spring & spring break season is upon us, I thought this bright orange print dress gifted from Sailor-Sailor's 2020 resort collection which happens to {also} scream Palm Springs, California.

Wearing this flouncy 3/4 sleeve tunic style dress has me ready to spill some 2020 spring style trends.  In Palm Springs, there are SO many gated communities as well as country clubs that the kitschy resort styles really are a {almost} a neutral here. Not to mention, you can find lemon, orange, & grapefruit trees at every corner of Palm Springs. In other words, #Palmspringstyle

The Yellow Spectacles spoke with Sailor-Sailor to hear their views on what is hot for spring 2020 as well as what's cool for the 2020 resort season. Yes, the details are so juicy & so fresh. 🍊🍊

Sailor-Sailor Yacht Club 3/4 Sleeve Shirt {c/o}  

Earrings, Lisi Lerch {c/o} clip-on

Here's my spring style trend conversation with the Sailor-Sailor gals, Kimberly & Kim

The Yellow Spectacles:

What is your Inspiration behind your New Resort Collection? 

Pink Glasses, Phonetic Eyewear {c/o}


Our inspiration this Resort season was a tropical twist, with warm colors of the sea & the pink/orange combos that all our gals love!


In your opinion, what are three must-have/must-pack items for a warm spring break trip?


Of course a sailor-sailor dress or top, an Alashan cashmere short poncho wrap, a Tuckernuck clutch, & a pair of Lisi Lerch earrings. 

We have over the years had the pleasure of meeting many clothing and accessory brands, many whom we can call friends. We love to support other brands, especially if they coordinate with our styles. We use many of these brands for our photoshoots.

Spring Style Trends 


Do you have a favorite print/style in the new resort collection? If so, share!


The Dancing Palms print is our favorite!  It is just a happy statement print that teams up with a 2 blue combo and a pink/orange combo.  It screams “the tropics”.


Do you anticipate one color or color combination to be big for the warmer months ahead?


Working with Pantone colors is our most favorite part of the design process. Color choices & color combos are endless, & there are many changes in the design process. We work with a blue palette a lot.

Our wholesale and retail customers prefer a blueprint over any other color. The Resort season features Aquarius blue in our coral & bamboozled print.  It is a yummy shade that mirrors the Caribbean sea.


Is the new Sailor-Sailor Collection ready to shop?


Yes! The Resort collection is ready to shop!

Shoes, Target 


The Sailor-Sailor Gals, Kimberley & Kim photo via Sailor-Sailor