Winter Blooms: Orchid Photo Series

Winter Blooms: Orchid Photo Series 

Right now, we're nearing the tail-end of winter--fingers crossed. At this point, I am desperately clinging to any burst of greenery, pop of color, & petal that appears during this bleak, sunless, & frozen time of year. You feel me?

If you're in the Youngstown, Ohio area, stop by The Fellows Riverside Gardens {Milkcreek MetroParks} to witness a burst of pre-spring-inspiration with their Orchid display.

I popped in this past Saturday. With that being said, I'll let this orchid photo series say the rest.

Enjoy! Spring is just around the corner. 

How many kinds of orchids exist?
Phalaenopsis Orchid 

Orchid show at Mill Creek Metro Park Rose Garden
Beallara Big Shot Hilo Sparkle 

Clivia Mintiata Orange 

Dendrobium Burana Jade Fantasy 'NN'

Mint Phalaenopsis Orchid