Five Steps to Spring Cleaning

 Easy Spring Cleaning Tips

Five Steps to Spring Cleaning

Each year, when we are on the cusp of spring, I do something each & every year--spring clean. 

I am aware that spring cleaning is a generational thing, not everyone does so, but spring cleaning my space allows me to set the tone for a new season with fresh linens, color palettes, decor, & dust-free.

In case this is your first year of spring cleaning, here are my Five Tasks I Do When I am Spring Cleaning. 

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Task No. 1 Wipe Down Walls 

I take a warm bucket with soap such as Spic & Span or Mr. Clean & wipe down my walls with a microfiber cloth. This leaves the walls free of dust, residue, & leaves the room smelling really fresh & clean. 

Five Steps to Spring Cleaning

Task No. 2 Wash All Linens

This is the time where I was all blankets, sheets, mattress covers,  throws, comforters, you name it. After everything has been washed, I change my quilt or comforter to something that matches the upcoming season. 

Five Steps to Spring Cleaning

Task No. 3 Tidy Dresser Drawers 

Tidying up dresser drawers as well as donating clothes that I no longer want is another part of my spring cleaning routine.  In my drawers, I typically roll everything so it all fits. 

Five Steps to Spring Cleaning

Task No. 4. Changing Dresser Scarves 

I keep dresser scarves on my dresser {sometimes desk} & each new season, I wash the linens, dust the furniture & then sap the linens for something more seasonal. 

Five Steps to Spring Cleaning
Bring out the season decor 

Task No. 5 Season Decor 

After everything has been washed & dusted, I put out new seasonal decor to welcome the new season. Here, you'll see signs of spring!

These are five steps that help me spring clean each & every year. I hope these spring cleaning tips help you too! 

Spring Cleaning

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Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning